We have the best rubber band hacks that will make life easier. Try these 10 tips and tricks that you might not have thought about before.

Here are 10 fun Rubber Band Hacks you probably haven't thought of. These Rubber Band Hacks may change the way you use rubber bands.


Rubber band hacks

Rubber bands have always been used in a variety of ways. The best rubber band hacks, however, are the ones that make our lives just a little bit easier.

Scanning the web you can find literally hundreds of uses and probably invent a few here and there. After digging for some time, here are ten of the absolute best rubber band hacks out there:

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What can I do with a lot of rubber bands?

I love to use rubber bands for so many different things so we keep a ton on hand. Keep reading for our favorite uses. You will love these ideas!

1. Colored Rubber Bands As Drink Identifiers

This is a popular hack but it is certainly one of the better ones. Get some colored rubber bands and assign one color to each person at a party. Then you can still use the disposable cups without getting them mixed up!

2. Help Grip Jars That Won’t Open

Why struggle over and over with those jars that are stuck tight? Simply wrap a rubber band around the lid and the added traction will twist it right off.

3. The Ultimate French Manicure

If you take a rubber band and wrap it across your fingernail at the point you want the line, you can then paint a perfect french manicured line with nail polish. The rubber is not uncomfortable and easily adjusted.

4. “Un-strip” A Testy Screw

Take a rubber band and place it over a screw that is stripped. Then push into the screw with your screwdriver and it will generally come out.

This works particularly well with a power drill. It only takes a moment of traction to get the screw loose.

5. Super Fun Eraser Ball

Kids love erasers and you can make an awesome one by making a rubber band ball. Rubber bands are made of the same stuff and erase pencil perfectly. Why pay separately for erasers when you can have the flexibility of rubber bands?

6. Hold a Tea Bag In Place

If you are having a cup of tea and you are sick of your tea bag sliding all around the cup, simply wrap a rubber band around the tea bag and hook it to the handle. This is such a an easy and helpful tip.


7. Use on a Paint Can to Keep Tidy

Wrap the rubber band around the paint can vertically leaving the band stretched out across the top of the open can. Then use the rubber band to wipe off paint from the brush instead of the paint can lip. This will make things much neater in the long run.

8. Get Control of the Cords

If you have a ton of cords all over the place or simply need to shorten one, rubber bands do a nice job of getting them in order. Put the cords in a bundle and wrap them up for easy and quick storage.

9. Quickly Seal a Leaky Hose

A leaky hose is not something that you want to go out and buy a quick seal kit for. This is especially true if it was a cheap one to start with. If you have an old hose you wish to seal up a leak in, simply wrap that area with a thick rubber band. It works quite well as a holdover until you replace or repair it permanently.


10. Bookmark

The rubber band holds your spot perfectly and still allows you to close the book completely. Rubber bands make wonderful bookmarks.






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