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10 Science Websites | Rachel K Tutoring Blog


Here is a list of ten science websites that you can use at school or at home – the sites are full of great experiments, activities, games and more. Hopefully this list can save you some time searching, and you will be able to incorporate some of these into your next science lesson!

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1. Wonderville – This is a great website that provides experiments, comics, games, and videos for all kinds of science topics!

2. National Geographic – You’ll find interactive games, amazing photos & videos, and tons of information here. Check these out:

  • Backyard Bioblitz
  • Sediment Fossil Surprise
  • Wave Simulator
  • Science Experiments

3. Science Kids – Browse through all the experiments, projects, quizzes, games, and more – you’ll find all kinds of cool science things here!

4. Scholastic.com – Here is a great article that has a huge list of science experiments on YouTube. Learn how to make a rain cloud in a bottle, a miniature volcano, a water rocket, and more!

5. PBS Kids – Check out the various science and nature games here. They’re all tons of fun! Most games are for K-2 grade levels.

6. Interactive Sites – Choose your science topic, and then a game or activity. There are tons of great ones!

7. Learning Games For Kids – You will find science games and songs, weather games, space games, health games, and more.

8. Education.com – There are over 600 science activities and experiments to choose from, and more than 2000 science fair project ideas. You can narrow your search by grade and subject for more convenient searching 🙂

9. Kid Pointz – There are some great science activities at this website. Check these out:

  • Candy Plate Tectonics
  • Apple Dunk
  • Orange Experiment

10. Science Bob – This website provides experiments, science Q & A of the week, and science fair ideas.





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