20 Monday Inspirational Quotes that will Get You through the Week Happily

For the vast majority of the world, Monday signifies the beginning of a new week. After spending a weekend lounging and lazing, and an hour or two in denial, the Monday morning blues hit us and push us back into the rat race. Mothers struggle to send their children to school on a Monday morning and working professionals have a hard time getting back to work after a short break. For those who dread Monday mornings and those who just need an extra dose of motivation, here is a list of 20 Monday Inspirational Quotes to push you through Monday and the rest of the week.


Quote 1: You get this chance once a week. If you lose it, you need to wait an entire week to get it back.

Monday 1
Quote 2: A new beginning to a week, a day, and many more things.

monday 2
Quote 3: If you are still struggling to overcome the blues, just remember a workweek is only 120 hours long. Friday is not far away.

monday 3
Quote 4: That diet that you have been putting off, the new hobby class that you intend to join, Monday is the best day to start them.

monday 4
Quote 5: Every cloud has a silver lining. Find that spark on Monday and keep shining.

monday 5
Quote 6: You are amazing and you can handle anything. Handling a Monday morning is child’s play.

monday 6
Quote 7: Even if you want to sleep, you won’t have the time for it. Sleep, chill, enjoy, work, and repeat.

Quote 8: It’s time for you to make an impact on the world. Thank God it’s Monday.

monday 8
Quote 9: Some love the smell of coffee, some love the smell of ambition. Use whatever you want to make you get up.

Quote 10: If you can’t accept your Monday morning blues, just pretend that it is Tuesday or any other day. No Monday = No Monday Morning Blues. It’s all in your head.

monday 10
Quote 11: Yet another Monday! Be a rebel and shake off those blues.

Motivational Gifts Journal Notebook-min
Quote 12: One positive thought can make your day. A good day can make the entire week a good one.

Quote 13: The Monday checklist to ensure that you don’t miss out on making the awesome.

Quote 14: It’s a day! Once gone the same Monday will never return. Just seize it and make the best use of it.

Monday 14
Quote 15: One-seventh of your life is Monday. Make it count.

Quote 16: Do it right! Do it in Style!

monday 16
Quote 17: It’s time to rise. It’s time to shine.

monday 17
Quote 18: It’s time for those fitness goals. Start your Monday with a spring in your step.

monday 18

Quote 19: If you love to go back to work on a Monday, you totally love your job. If you don’t like Mondays, it’s about time you switched jobs.

monday 19
Quote 20: Four more days and a new weekend shall arrive.

monday 20



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