3 Best Niches To Make Passive And Instant Money

Your internet marketing success largely depends on which niche you are. If people are not ready to pay money then you can’t make much money. So it’s very important to choose the right niche where you can make big money easily. The biggest question for a newbie marketer is what’s the best niches and what are the products that I should promote? Well,I will answer all these basic questions in this article.

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I like 3 major niches and they are making money, solving health problems, and dating/sex/relationships. I actually like them in the order that I just mentioned them. There are pros and cons to each market, however, and I’d like to briefly address these before we proceed…

Niche: 1
Wealth/Make Money Online/ Internet Marketing /Blogging


Thousands of products to promote

* Dozens of new products added to the market weekly

* Easiest to acquire joint venture opportunities

* Most traffic sources

* Nobody ever has “too much” money… you’ll keep your customers forever!

* Biggest market in the instant payment affiliate platforms

* Easiest to cross-promote other sub-niches (i.e. blogging, list building, SEO)

* Easiest to offer big-ticket coaching


* Most products have a short shelf-life… you must always keep digging

* Almost exclusively digital products, rarely physical… less variety

* YouTube, Paypal, and other web 2.0 sometimes view as spammy; So they might shut down our accounts.

* You will be under more personal scrutiny

* Your audience is more likely to expect more out of you

Niche 2:
Health /Beauty / Fitness / Make-up / Cosmetics


Tons of products to promote, both physical and digital

* Extremely motivated audience… tons of buyers

* Gives you a sense of freedom if you’ve been “stuck” in the IM niche

* Pretty easy to cross-promote

* Products stay on the market longer compared to the digital products related to internet marketing and remain more viable.

* Lots of CPA offers

* Large commissions

* Generally pretty high Adsense clicks (big payments for you).Better advertising revenue for the website.

* Can target LOADS of Amazon/CJ products for easy buyer SEO*


* Can be viewed as spammy by web 2.0

* Much debate/doubt surrounding the efficacy of many products

* Many laws about health claims… must know the right disclaimers to use

* Less built-in traffic (JV partnerships, solo ads, etc.) than IM

* Once a person’s health concern has been “cured,” they no longer need you**

* May have to wait weeks or months to get paid… vs. instant with IM


*There are lots of “low-hanging fruit” health products in Amazon/CJ which don’t have a lot of competition because they don’t pay much. But for the purposes of bringing more viewership to your site, they are GOLD! This is not an SEO course by any means… but a little extra free, ongoing traffic never hurt anyone! ?

**You may be best served to not focus on treatable health conditions that are here today, gone tomorrow. Rather, something like muscle building, anti-aging, or some other niche with a passionate market… and a consistent focus on ongoing improvement may be the wiser choice.

So let’s take a look at our final niche market…

Niche : 3


* Passionate market… matters of the heart are taken extremely seriously

* People spend GOOD money in this niche

* Some really solid high-ticket, high-commission offers out there

* Cross-promotion opportunities abound

* Repeat buyers in some markets (especially adult/sex)

* Great for holiday gift shopping opportunities (Valentine’s, anniversary, etc.)

* Lots of high-ticket physical goods to promote (jewelry, gifts, sex toys, etc.)


* Requires a good deal of foresight, research, and planning*

* These customers can dry up quickly as their situations change

* As the topics become “steamier,” you have fewer places in which to operate

* You really need to know the EXACT situation(s) that your prospects happen to be in… and how to most effectively deal with each one. For example, if you’re in the “get your ex back” niche, you’ll need to know for how long your ideal prospect has been broken up, if they were the dumper or dumpee, if their ex is dating, etc.

Personally, I would go with whatever niche makes you happy.

Pick a cool niche that you love. If it happens to fit into one of the above three mass markets, all the better. But if not, don’t fret. Go with your passion! Then, pick some products to promote and grab your affiliate links.

How to Pick Your Products

When it comes to selecting products to promote as an affiliate, there’s really only ONE criteria that I personally go by. It’s very simply this…

Would I buy that particular product?

If I wouldn’t personally make the investment, then I don’t promote it.






Source: theim.org

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