4 Productivity Hacks for Online Entrepreneurs

You know how busy online entrepreneur life is right? I mean you’re living the good life. You create your own schedule and work for yourself. The only problem is that you’re so busy and you feel like your head is spinning sometimes.

There are so many cool and helpful tools out there, so you can get some peace of mind. From scheduling tools for social media marketing to productivity tools like Asana.

You can even use apps like Slack, and ClickUp to keep in touch with your team so you don’t miss a beat.

Scheduling what you need to do for the day is a great way to stay productive and make the most of your time.

The tips don’t stop here. Keep reading to learn my top 4 productivity hacks for online entrepreneurs.

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Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs


Get off your iPhone [or Android]

Many of us use our smartphones for business-related tasks but if you’re just scrolling through Instagram to see what your friends are doing you need to get off. Seriously.

Time goes so quickly while you’re double-tapping and liking everyone’s stuff. Take a look at the time then go through your Facebook or Instagram to see how much time you spent doing nothing.

An easy way to stay focused and productive is to put your phone down and commit to not looking on social media for leisure activities.

Set out a certain amount of time or commit yourself to only scrolling those social feeds at night.

Stick to one or two tasks before starting something new

Multi-tasking seems like a good idea at first but then you realize you’re spreading yourself too thin and nothing gets done.

Now if you’re one of those online entrepreneurs who can multi-task and get everything completed more power to you but for those of us who struggle to finish something, this tip will come in handy.

You’ll be much more productive if you start one task, complete it, and then move on to something new.

Here’s an example:

Instead of scrolling through your emails and checking them while doing client work takes 45 minutes to scroll through emails.

This 45 minutes can consist of answering emails, sending emails and whatever else you need to do with your inbox.

After you’ve spent 45 minutes doing this you’re ready to move on to client work [or another task].

Use a project management system

Apps like ClickUp and Asana make project management so much easier. As an online entrepreneur, you should organize your daily tasks. Even for simple things like making dinner and doing other tasks that aren’t business-related.

Once you have a consistent system in place to get your business work completed you’ll be able to save time and work more efficiently.

Little notifications and reminders will keep you up to par with everything you need to do.

Hire a team member (or two)

When all else fails it may be time to hire a virtual assistant or another expert to help you. Here’s an example.

If you know keeping track of your business costs is too time-consuming you’re going to hire a bookkeeper.

You can do this with almost any task and the ROI will be more time for your business and you’ll be able to expand your online business more effectively.

I know you like to DIY everything but when you start to feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to get everything done that’s a sign that you need to outsource.

If it helps you can even outsource household tasks that are taking up too much time. There’s no shame in hiring someone to help you with your other responsibilities so you can focus on your business.










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