5 Common Misconceptions Of Cell Phone Repair Service

Replacing cell phones at the very onset of a defect leads not only in monetary expense, but also increases the carbon footprint. The e-waste generated from discarded phones proves to be hazardous for the environment and human beings.

There are some myths or misconceptions regarding cell phone repair service which restraint people from trusting in the repair centers completely. To give you the real picture and help you save your phone, discussed below are the most common misconceptions.

1. Cell phone repairs are not worth the expense 

Most customers complain about the high repair prices of cell phones. But comparatively, they cannot be called costly since smartphone parts are quite expensive and reliable repair centers use only the best quality ones for best service and cell phone performance. The price seems high because we do not realize the value of our cell phones. If given some thought into this matter we will realize the worth of repair compared to the importance of cell phones in our lives. Repairing costs are anyway much lower than the price of a new phone.

2. It can be repaired at home

What most smartphone users do is trying their hands at repairing their troublesome device on their own. Result? A greater disaster! Just watching cell phone repair tutorials on YouTube isn’t going to give you the expertise or the experience that professionals have. Moreover, the repairs look easier than they actually are. Trying to fix them and eventually failing leads to more fuss and delay. An unprofessionally disassembled cell phone is more critical to work with. Hence, instead of trying out DIY repair hacks, take it to an expert repair service provider for best results.

3. The repair centers can further damage their phones

This conception cannot be true for repair centers with a good reputation. There may be few business owners having unskilled technicians or charging more money than usual due to which customers cannot trust the centers. However, there are always exceptions. So, before you choose any center to entrust your high-end phone, do a thorough research of its official social media pages. Check out the reviews and feedback of its previous customers and take a decision based on them.

4. Only certified technicians can repair

This is not true because certification is no guarantee for quality repair. A technician has to be experienced and it is this experience that helps to acquire expertise over time. Reliable cell phone repair centers hire professionals with experience rather than just certification as they have the talent to repair with deftness.

5. The repair center will void the manufacturer’s warranty

The truth is, accidental damages like broken LCD screens are not covered under the warranty. However, you can check with your manufacturer or provider to know if they would cover the repair. A provider will always want you to replace the phone instead of repairing it. So, it is better to get it fixed by a professional repair center which will cost you much less than a brand new phone.

In this age of smartphones, you might be tempted to try new phones when your existing device shows up some performance inconveniences. The choice is up to you to either shell out hefty bucks after a new phone or get it repaired at a reasonable price from a reliable cell phone repair center.

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