5 Habits That Drain Your Energy

5 Habits That Drain Your Energy

1. Overthinking

Out of anxiousness that lights on us in the heat of situation, and constant review, we turn normalities to complexities. Thinking is good, but doing it overly is not good, it drains your energy. both physical and mental. Overthinking will not provide you what you want, but thinking and act will do the magic.


2. Inconsistent Sleep Patterns

There is a good way to sleep, a good sleeping pattern. You tend to maintain inconsistent sleeping pattern as a result of many activities you want to keep on bed or couch, even while resting. Pressing phone, reading at the same time you lay on bed to rest, will drain your energy. Many times you find yourself turning from right to left, and you couldn’t sleep is as a result of.

3. Eating Junk Foods

There are people who would always go for fast food, junk foods for that matter. This is another habit people practiced not knowing that it drains ones mental and physical energy. Junkies only have small nutrients of a balanced diet. There is a reason why there is a balanced diet, they are to serve every cells in your body to function so well. Short of nutrients can be likened to short of blood, you know what will happen. Likewise short of food nutrients as a result of everyday junk foods will drain your energies.

4. Living In The Past


One of the easiest ways to wear yourself out is reminiscing about your past, all time. Subconsciously, your past will take over you, then you feel like doing nothing. Despite you not doing any heavy physical activity, yet you will feel tired. Nothing matters to you and you give up easily, little did you know that your emotional energy is draining, and this will affect your physical and social life.

5.Negative People

Your association of positive people will fuel your energy, and your association of negative people will only drain your energy. Be conscious of the company you keep, have you been seeing yourself wearing out easily? Do you nag always? How many times do you get angry per day? Answer these questions correctly. Look around you and consider the people that are mostly around you.



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