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5 Ordinary Fruits with Great Benefits

All kinds of fruits are loaded with numerous health benefits. Contents of fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are the main components of nutrition. You can boost your health and nutrition by adding ordinary and more affordable fruits to your daily diet.

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1. Apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It seems that this proverb is rightful. Belonging to the rose family, apples are rich in vitamins C, E, and B Group, pectins, polyphenol, and flavonoid antioxidants and packed with many significant health benefits.

∗ Brain and nerve system: Apples protect the cell structure against neurotoxins and oxidative stress radicals. Neurotoxins are harmful to our brain and nerve system, and oxidative stress can destroy the brain cells. Apples contribute to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

∗ Cardiovascular health: Apples prevent clogging and plaque formation, and protect your body against cardiovascular disorders such as vascular occlusion, hypertension, coronary-artery disease, and vascular destruction related to oxidative stress.

∗ Cholesterol: Scientific studies revealed that apples have a remarkable impact on reducing bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol in your body.

∗ Bone diseases: Apple can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis in men over 50 years and women who have menopause thanks to the phloridzin content which is specific to apples.

∗ Other benefits: Apples are good to improve your immune system, digestive and urinary systems, and delays aging in your skin.

2. Grapefruit


From the citrus family, grapefruit hides a juicy and little bit sour taste under its thick peel. High amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants make grapefruit a vital part of healthy nutrition.

∗ Guard against infection: Protecting the body against possible infections is the most significant known benefit of grapefruits. Eating grapefruits will strengthen your immune system and resistance to diseases, and makes you racy. It has a powerful antivirus role against influenza, upper respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, and tooth infection.

∗ Reduces the heart attack risk: Grapefruit reduces the possibility of heart attacks and arthritis by contributing to your cardiovascular health with the ingredients of Vitamin C, potassium, lycopene, and fibers. Moreover, it regulates the blood flow reducing blood pressure.

∗ Fights against cancer: Grapefruit reduces the risk of cancer as it prevents the accumulation of free radicals. It is especially effective for prostate, colon cancer, esophageal and gastric cancers.

∗ Skin health: Grapefruits help to cure skin irritation and eruption resulting from sunlight and air pollution with the help of a great Vitamin C source. Grapefruits are frequently utilized in the cosmetic sector.

∗ Losing weight: As a low-calorie fruit, grapefruit supports losing weight healthily by being filling with the fibrous structure, and improving fat burning with the juiciness. It is good to include grapefruits in your diet as refreshers, as they increase the metabolic rate and regulate insulin resistance.

3. Banana


Delicious and beneficial, bananas are the most frequently consumed tropical fruits. They are a great source of potassium, proteins, manganese, and various vitamins which are fundamental for our health.

∗ Energy: Banana is a strong energy source due to the great amount of potassium. When you feel tired eating a banana will refresh you. You can prepare smoothies or desserts with bananas to boost your energy.

∗ Cardiovascular health: Banana regulates blood pressure by improving the digestive system. It also empowers heart health by resolving vessel stiffness.

∗ Losing weight: As a fibrous fruit banana makes you feel full for longer times. Never hesitate to add bananas to your diet, it will help you reduce bloating, replace refined sugars and control your appetite.

∗ Fights depression: Banana plays a great role in releasing serotonin which is the happiness hormone. Eating bananas will refresh you when you are in a low mood.

∗ Good for the stomach: You are recommended to consume bananas if you have problems with your stomach since bananas can neutralize gastric acids. Milk with banana will is great to ease your stomach.

∗ Beautifies: Banana has features of infection prevention, relaxing irritation, and removing scars on your skin. Banana peel is greatly efficient in whitening your teeth naturally.

4. Strawberry


Strawberries are appealing fruits especially for kids with a sweet taste and charming look. The health benefits of strawberries are as impressive as its taste and look with the high ingredients of iron, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, flavonoids, vitamin A and C, and many other nutritional components.

∗ Speeds up your metabolism: Consuming strawberries regularly speeds up your metabolism and contributes a lot to a healthier digestive system. It will also clean the bowels from bad bacteria.

∗ Fights against cancer: With the antioxidant effect of anthocyanin and quercetin pigments strawberries hinder the increase of free radicals which cause various cancers.

∗ Moisturizes your skin: It is highly recommended to consume strawberries for those who have a dry skin type. Strawberries moisturize the skin and open the pores and make you have healthier skin.

∗ Good against kidney stone: Strawberries relieve kidney pain with the high potassium content, and greatly help to pass the kidney stones in a shorter time.

∗ Protects against stress: Another benefit of strawberry is its effect on reducing stress and protecting against depression. Strawberry gives you happiness with its fibrous structure.

5. Grape


Grape with its all colorful varieties has a perfect nutritious value with its high content of Vitamins A, B1, C, and E, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

∗ Protects against cancer: Grape has the biggest antioxidant effect among all fruits and protects your body against cancers. It also helps patients relieve the complications of cancer treatments.

∗ Balances cholesterol: Grapes are recommended to those people who have high cholesterol problems as they balance cholesterol levels in the body. Resveratrol in the grapes protects the blood vessels by strengthening them. In this way, grape consumption reduces the risk of heart attacks and high tension by preventing vessel stiffness.

∗ Prevents cataract: The proanthocyanidins in grapes have a very powerful protective effect on the brain and liver, and a great role in blood liquidity and acceleration of blood flow. Thus, the cornea is protected, and the risk of old-age vision disorders is reduced with strengthened capillary vessels. A cataract is also prevented by consuming grapes regularly.

∗ Anti-aging for skin: Grapes delay aging in the skin by defending the collagen and elastin tissues. Their cell renewing effect beautifies your skin. Moreover, grape seed is effective against allergies as it lessens the histamine release.

∗ Stronger hair: Grapes are rich in flavonoids which are significant for healthier hair. They stimulate the growth of hair and increase hair cells.

∗ Reduces attention deficit: Grape helps to get over tiredness and absent-mindedness as it is a great source of antioxidants and iron.



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