5 Skills You Need To Become a Fashion Designer


Fashion design is one of those fields that offers many different benefits. It’s certainly a lucrative career choice if you have what it takes, and it allows you to indulge your creative spark, but what does it take?

While there are many qualities that make up a great fashion designer, here are just five of the most essential skills every future fashion designer should possess.


Texture, Color, and Fabric Are Your Language



5 Skills You Need To Become a Fashion Designer | City of Creative Dreams

If French is the language of love, material and textiles make up the language of fashion design. It’s not just about being able to tell the difference between the different fabrics. It’s just as important, if not more so, to have the instinct to know what fabrics should be used for a specific design. Equally vital is having an eye for color that lets you choose the perfect theme for any given garment.

A Talent for Visualization is Important


5 Skills You Need To Become a Fashion Designer | City of Creative Dreams


If you’re going into the field of fashion design, you should already possess this skill. After all, we first create with our imaginations.
Whether you’re hoping to work for an established company, or planning to launch your own label, your ability to come up with new ideas will rely upon a strong skill for visualization.


High Self-Esteem Is Vital


5 Skills You Need To Become a Fashion Designer | City of Creative Dreams


If you lack this, you probably won’t make it very far in the fashion design business. We have all heard that modeling is a cutthroat business. That may be doubly true of fashion design. If you don’t have the conviction to stand behind your designs and speak up for yourself, you may find that people will walk all over you. People will be brutal with you. If you take things to heart and wear your emotions on your sleeve, competitors and colleagues alive will take advantage of you.

A Strong Business Acumen


5 Skills You Need To Become a Fashion Designer | City of Creative Dreams


Fashion design is just like any other business venture. Make no mistake. As a fashion designer, you are, first and foremost, an entrepreneur. You have to budget your expenses, develop a marketing strategy, and implement advertising campaigns that won’t overburden that budget. In fact, taking a few marketing and business administration courses might be worthwhile Investments.

This is especially true as the world is further influenced by the digital revolution. Today, marketing is incredibly more complicated than it was even just ten years ago. The explosion of social media and the importance it has had on business development continues to evolve. It’s no longer just enough to launch a successful advertising campaign. Users want to follow your brand and your models on various social media websites. They want to connect with you and your brand on a more personal level, which requires an investment of time as well as money. This is something else for which you should be prepared if you expect to stay relevant and trendy.


Drive And Ambition


5 Skills You Need To Become a Fashion Designer | City of Creative Dreams

This may seem like overstating the obvious, but a strong drive and unshakable ambition are key elements to a successful fashion design career. As with any creative endeavor, rejection will always be a part of the game. If you’re the type who is easily discouraged, this isn’t the field for you. Even the greatest fashion designers took their share of rejections and then some.

Being a fashion designer certainly takes a flair for creativity, but that’s just one of many essential skills. While things, like business management and color schematics, can be learned in school, other essential traits must be developed on an individual basis. Rising as a power in the world of fashion design requires a strong will and a firm belief in one’s own talents, as well as an interest in creating art with fabric. If you can remain determined, use your imagination to develop new trends, and manage the business aspect with equal skill, there may be room for you in the world of fashion design. It also helps if you know how to sew!




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