5 Ways To Build Trust On Your Team

1. Transparency

Transparency in a team definitely builds trust. If everything’s being transparent in the team, the trust with one another will increase.

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2. Stop the habit of Blaming

Let go even if it’s that one team member’s mistake. Stop blaming. Support the person altogether as a team. Work on correcting the mistake—what better way than this to build team trust. Instead of blaming, try to do the next step in finding a solution. Don’t make the person who did a mistake feel‘ left-out.’ It can make them even more vulnerable. Building trust is in little things like this, which has a tremendous positive impact. Share bad things together like the good things to build trust within your team.

3. Don’t just see the Employee’s Triumphs

See mistakes as opportunities. Learn ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do.’ Don’t just see the employees in their triumphs alone. Look at the mistakes, too, as chances to find better things. Next time your team member makes mistakes, learn from them. Support them.

4. Don’t pester your Team with Rules

Team members are adults who are educated and creative individuals. Don’t treat them like children and pester them with too many rules. Too many restrictions or rules–to-follow gives the feeling of ‘They Don’t trust us’ to employees. Make sure you note this point. Building trust involves giving freedom to your team members.

5. Spend Time with your Team Members

Don’t control and operate your team by sitting inside your room. Team dynamics are not about that. Spend time with your team. Mingle with them. Give time to hear them out. Ask your team about how they are often doing. Good socialization is important for Building Trust in a team.


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