5 Ways to Spark Creativity

It never fails. I am in the middle of my shower, thinking about the day ahead when a great idea pops in my head. As I shampoo, another idea bursts into existence. It might be a topic for an article, or a money making idea. Suddenly I am full of creative, exciting ideas. I can’t wait to get to my desk.

By the time I get to my desk, after drying my hair, dressing, getting coffee, all those great ideas have vanished. Like waking from a dream, I only have a sense of what the idea was but my mind can’t recreate the whole thought. The ideas that were popping up so easily are now impossible to recreate.

Does this ever happen to you? As an entrepreneur or small business owner you rely on your creativity to propel your business. It is your creative genius that makes you stand out from your competitors. But what happens when your creativity dries up? How do you get it back? What can you do to stimulate creativity?

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Unlimited Thinking

Many people suffer from limited thinking. Through their experiences they have developed limiting beliefs and thought processes. They have placed their world in a box created from their beliefs. Little to nothing exists outside of their box and little penetrates it.

As a small business owner, you cannot afford to be a ‘limited thinker’. Develop the habit of seeing no boundaries. Cultivate the belief that you can find an innovative solution to all your problems. This is the foundation for a creative thought process.

Focus on the Future

Creative ideas come when you envision the future. Visualization is a powerful tool when your creativity is stagnant. Ask how you might solve the problem as if you had accomplished one of your goals. Is that solution different? Visualize how your mentor might solve the problem. You can even imagine how a famous person or even a fictional character would approach the question.
Visualizing the solution is also a great motivator. Train yourself to imagine the future. Be a visionary who is always looking ahead. Don’t act as traditional thinker who tries to find answers in today’s world.


Be a Writer

Have you ever noticed that when you get in a creative zone, ideas flow like a rushing river. When you are in the zone the ideas never stop. Yet, when you aren’t in that creative space, an idea can be fleeting. If you don’t capture it, you may lose it forever.
Capture all your ideas by carrying a small pocket notebook with you. Or use a note taking app on your smart phone. As soon as an idea pops into your mind, document it. Don’t prejudge the idea. It doesn’t matter how outlandish it is, you can evaluate it in the cold light of day later on. You open yourself to more creativity when you honor your ideas by writing them down.

Establish an Advantageous Workspace

Scientists have researched how your environment impacts your creativity. Keep in mind the following suggestions when you design your office:

  • Uncluttered workspace – spacious, uncluttered rooms enhance creativity
  • Plants improve your mood and productivity. Exposure to nature decreases stress
  • Sufficient Light boosts concentration and energy levels.
  • Choose Appropriate Colors – Green or Blue
  • Rounded Furniture is linked to positive emotions.

Take Action

An idea is nothing but a thought unless you take a specific action to help bring it to life. Review your notebook. Any hidden gems? Some of your ideas may not be viable right now. But in those pages somewhere is probably an idea, which if acted upon, could change you or your business. Commit to the ideas you’ve generated. And set yourself up for more creativity.

(and create a way for me to take notes in the shower!)








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