6 Digital Product Ideas That You Can Create In A Week

If you’ve been in the online business world, you’ve probably come across the term “digital products”.

Digital products are kind of like the poster child for passive income when it comes to running an online business, although they can take a considerable amount of time to become truly passive.

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Why you ask?

Because once you create a digital product, that’s pretty much it. You can update it once or twice a year and decide the level of 1:1 support you’d like to provide.

Digital products don’t rely on third-party ads or affiliate networks. They are almost always entirely in your control leading to high profit-margins when done right. You can sell them as often as you want, as much as you want and as passively as you want.

A lot of people instantly associate digital products with “online courses”. But online courses are a very tiny part of what’s possible.

Not only that, attempting to create and sell an online course before a tiny under $50 digital product is like trying to climb Mount Everest when you’ve never climbed a mountain before. It’s possible yes, but you might just kill yourself in the process.

In this post, I’ll share with you 6 digital product ideas that are relatively easy and quick to make, and if you’re really scrappy you can even finish them in one week or less.

Let’s dive in!

Digital Product Idea #1: eBooks


digital product ideas : ebooks

When you think of eBooks you’re probably thinking a 200 page thriller.

You’d be surprised that a vast majority of self-published eBooks selling online are in fact just 20-50 pages.

If you’re a blogger, content writer or creative, writing 20 pages on a topic you are knowledgeable about is certainly not that hard or time-consuming.

Now, this is not to say that your ebooks should only be about this big. There’s no upper limit, but do remember people are unlikely to read a 300 page ebook from start to finish.

Digital Product Idea #2 Workbook


digital product ideas : workbook


Are you someone who likes planning and taking step by step action?

Your audience could benefit from that knowledge in the format of a workbook.

A workbook is essentially a step by step fill-in-the-blank book that helps you arrive at a desired outcome by yourself.

Think business plans, debt payoff plans, budgeting plans, how to come up with a strategy, etc.

Workbook often sells in the $20-$50 range depending on the topic and make an excellent product if you have an audience that likes step by step guide when planning for an outcome.

The beauty of creating a workbook is that you don’t need to fill up a lot of pages with words which is the case of an eBook but rather help and prompt the user to do the work.


Digital Product Idea #3 Planners/Printables


digital product ideas : planners

Who doesn’t love a good old planner? I’ve clubbed this in the same category as a printable since they tend to have a strong overlap.

Whether its a yearly planner, a budget planner, a grocery planner or a workout planner, there’s a wealth of opportunity in this niche.

The only downside is that because planners are easy to create and plenty in supply, it’s hard to fetch a high price for a planner.

You can find planners and printables on Etsy for as low as $1 so unless you have stellar graphic =design skills it can be hard to charge a premium for this product.

The bright side though? You can create and put it out for sale in as little as one day.


Digital Product Idea #4 Spreadsheets


Spreadsheets are exactly what they are called: SPREADSHEETS.

Now you can sell spreadsheets with specific industry information (such as mine that is a list of Affiliate programs) or you can create fill-in-the blank spreadsheets that are best for planning and financial niches.

If you happen to be a finance or spreadsheet expert, this is where the gold mine is for you.

Digital Product Idea #5 Templates


viral pinterest templates: digital product idea


The fifth on this digital product ideas list is templates!

Personally, this is my favorite digital product to create and sell.

Not only can you charge a premium for templates, you also get to be as creative as you want and get paid again and again for the same product.


Digital Product Idea #6 Mini-Course


A mini-course is exactly what it sounds like.

A small course that is 1-2 hours of content either delivered live (like a workshop) or delivered via email or hosted online on a platform such as Gumroad or Teachable.

Mini-courses are a great way to dip your feet in the course bandwagon without the time or the commitment it requires to build and sell a full-blown course.

Since the mini-course has a high perceived value you can price it 2 or 3 times more than you would an ebook or a planner. If you like teaching and are comfortable presenting on audio or video then this can be an excellent digital product for you.

If you don’t want to host your course somewhere expensive, you can simply create a FB group that is private where you share your videos and resources. And it costs a BIG FAT ZERO to do that. Have I blown your mind yet?






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