6 Sectors That Have Undergone Revamps in Digital Landscape

The 21st century has introduced us to a multitude of new technological innovations that have radically transformed life as we previously knew it. Computers specifically have been driving forces in the digital era, revolutionizing industry after industry with their programmable solutions.

The most important sectors of our world that we interact with every day now use a mouse in place of a pen and a touchscreen or monitor in place of paper. As such, the industries in our current environment are better connected virtually than ever before, and customers are experiencing the benefits of advanced tech in terms of convenience and accessibility. Here are 6 of the biggest sectors that have undergone revamps in light of computerization and an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Medicine / Health

The industry of health and medicine is crucial to people’s overall well being in the short and long-term. There are countless ways that tech has improved the sector, from enhancing the patient care experience to transforming how medical professionals conduct experiments and draw conclusions.
However, one of the biggest effects of tech on medicine is undoubtedly the use of computers for remote monitoring and patient information. Nowadays people who visit their doctor can receive testing results or other forms of communication completely online, as most clinics have applications or websites that are password protected. In this way, information is stored securely and easily accessible for patients to look back on if needed. This data is also essential for physicians to have as a record of health history for each person they see. Consequently, the health IT sector is also rapidly expanding and drawing more employment opportunities.


The world of sports has also been profoundly impacted by technology over the years. From online sports betting to live streaming and improvements that revolutionize the viewing experience, fans are constantly benefiting from the relationship between professional athletics and tech.
In today’s digitalized environment, tickets to sporting events are purchased online, playback coverage can be watched from practically any device at any time, and rankings, stats, and odds are reviewed on the computer. Nowadays, sports fans who enjoy interacting with their favorites teams or players through wagering can search the web, browsing through dozens of platforms that are waiting to serve them.

Although modern-day tech innovations have done a world of good for fans, they’ve also transformed the athlete and management experience with new gadgets that track performance during practice or even amid live gameplay.

Think about how you shop nowadays – how often do you visit a store in-person and how does that compare with the time you spend browsing for new apparel on the computer? If you’re a modern-day shopper, chances are you’ve already experienced the joys of purchasing items in the virtual environment and having them arrive at your doorstep the same week or, if you’re lucky, even the next day.
Online shopping has also opened up many doors for consumers as a world of opportunities inhabits the digital space, and commuting to different malls, outlets, or stores becomes obsolete. Virtual purchases cross borders and time zones and bring more variety. Especially nowadays, computers are smart enough to predict their buyer’s behaviour, targeted advertisements filter down choices and give shoppers personalized selections.

Banking/ Finance

In today’s digital environment, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn’t have a bank with an online presence and functionalities. In fact, according to recent expert statistics, 14 million British adults have opened online-only bank accounts, with 80% of the country’s population using them at least once in some form. These numbers are staggering proof that the financial industry has been one of the most affected in the booming technological era.

Other technology advancements such as mobile payments and even smartwatch transactions have further revolutionized banking systems as of late. The launch of the Apple Watch in April of 2015 jumpstarted this trend that has now become commonplace for many. Desktop and mobile applications also allow users to make transfers and conduct a variety of other transactions conveniently with ease.

Entertainment / Media

The way people find entertainment and consume information has dramatically shifted due to 21st-century technological advancements. Whether you’re walking down the street or commuting home on the subway, everything from breaking news to a blockbuster hit can be viewed on a handheld device, tablet, or laptop on-the-go. Streaming giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have taken over as top deliverers of the latest and greatest television series and even Oscar-nominated films.

Computers and mobiles have given us a mass pool of video and written content at all times of the day as social media app leaders Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter vie for consumers’ attention and screen time. And in the same way that fashion websites predict what customers would like to see in their digital shopping cart, these social networks store data and countless other details to deliver specified content to personal devices.
All of these things work together to provide users with all the entertainment they ever need right from their computer or cellphone. As these technologies continue to evolve, smart TVs will begin to replace older television sets in homes across the world.

Travel / Hospitality

Technology has improved the travel experience in every way, whether you’re driving ten minutes up the road or flying internationally on a long-haul journey. From mobile navigation apps to websites that have all hotel, excursion and booking information at the touch of your fingertips, planning a vacation has never been easier or more accessible.
The tourism and hospitality industries have been able to cut down on costs by going digital, giving users virtual customer service that is user-friendly and straightforward. Nowadays, computers are our travel agents, and mobile phones our tour guides.






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