7 Beauty Uses For Lemons

7 Beauty Uses For Lemons

We all know how many great uses lemons have around the house, in the kitchen and even in DIY projects. But have you considered using lemons in your beauty routine? Surprisingly, lemons many great uses when it comes to beauty and skin and can save you a lot of money! The added bonus to using lemons in beauty care, is that you’re using an all natural solution to products that most times carry chemicals or additives. Check out the list below for 7 beauty uses for lemons:

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  1. Anti Aging: Lemons can help slow the aging process and keep you looking younger for longer. Try and drink warm lemon water with fresh squeezed lemons at the start of every morning. This will helping with the signs of lines and wrinkles and also helps repair damaged skin.
  2. Whiten Nails: Did you know you can whiten your nails with lemon and water? Not only will this soak whiten your nails it will also leave them with a clean looking finish. Combine lemon juice from half of a lemon with a bowl of warm water and let your nails soak. Finish by using the lemon peel to shine and buff nail beds.
  3. Blackhead Removal: Use half of a lemon and rub it in slow circles over all blackhead areas. Let the juice soak in to your face for 5 minutes or so and rinse with cold water.
  4. Soft Skin: If you want to achieve soft skin fast, try using a lemon! Use a half of a lemon or fresh lemon juice and rub over any dry skin or dry spots. Your skin will re hydrate and shine!
  5. Acne: Lemon is also a great fighter when it comes to acne. Apply a few drops of fresh lemon juice to acne anywhere on the face and body. Make sure the spot is covered and repeat nightly until you have reached your desired result! Lemon not only will reduce redness it will help reduce scarring.
  6. Teeth Whiten: Mix equal amounts of fresh lemon juice and baking soda together in a small bowl until a paste forms. Apply the paste to your teeth and let sit for 1 minute only. The acid in the lemon can be strong so it’s important not to leave it on for longer then 1 minute. Finish by rinsing and gently brushing as normal.
  7. Chapped Lips: That’s right, lemons can be used as a natural lip balm! Simply, rub a sliced lemon on like chapstick and leave it on overnight. Rinse in the morning for moisturized lips!


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