8 Best Ways To Earn Money By Typing Online In 2021

8 Best Ways To Earn Money By Typing Online In 2021


When it is about making money online, several options come to your head. However, there are certain skills you need to earn some money by doing some job.

But what if I tell you that certain jobs do not need any skill?

Well, that exactly is the case with typing jobs. Be it as a part-time or freelance source of income, you can easily make money online by typing.

All you need is a typing device and your own working space.

This is one type of job that does not require any skills to earn money. Most people have a high speed of typing and for them, there is a great opportunity in this blog.

If you are confused about where and how to start your money-making journey, you have come to the right place.

To know more about the different typing job options, read every word of this piece to learn interesting facts and ideas.


Websites Where You Can Get Paid To Type

There are different types of typing jobs that you can do to make money by typing. Many websites need people who can type as per the guidelines and instructions.

Thus, here I have for you a list of some websites that will pay you for your typing work:

1. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is one such website that will pay you if you have the skill to listen to an audio file and type them in text format.

Their pay is quite good and is on an hourly basis. You can earn up to $20 by doing just one hour of transcribing job.

This website gives you a great chance to earn money if you are good with the English language.

All you need to do is register yourself with the website and pass a small test that comes your way. Once you pass the test, you are all good to go about taking projects that come your way.

2. Rev

Rev is a platform where you can get paid for transcription jobs, writing captions, and transcribing foreign subtitles.

Various other types of typing work such as audio files transcription, YouTube video captions, and many other too.

Working for Rev ensures you get your payments weekly on time. Payment is processed through PayPal.

The opportunities keep on flowing in the website you can expect continuous projects once you have enrolled with them.

3. Captcha

Typing jobs are in itself easy and the easiest category is Captcha typing. Though the scope of income is less as compared to other categories of typing jobs, one can still consider this.

The whole trick lies in the number of captchas that you can solve.

Using the platform is very easy. All you need is a verified account after which, the system will keep displaying texts that you need to solve. Yes, it is that easy.

By doing such an easy job, you can earn up to 20-80 cents per hour.

4. AccuTran Global

The platform is a website that offers transcription jobs for people. but, to become a part of the website, you have to be qualified as the right candidate.

They mostly look at the typing speed of their workers and anything less than 60 words per minute has no place on the website.

Besides, the payment on the website is on an hourly basis and you can expect a good earning by just doing 2-3 hours of work. $40 and $50 per hour is something you can expect while doing transcription work with AccuTran Global website.

5. Quicktate

Quicktate is a bit different than all other platforms on the list. For all other websites, the registration process was simple and free of cost.

But, to become a member of Quicktate, you need to pay a small amount of $15 followed by a verification method.

Once your application is selected, you can start working on the platform and earn money online by typing pages.

This too is a transcription typing job where you are paid for every 4 correct transcriptions. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

It is quite easy and simple and can be a great method for some side hustle.

6. iWriter

As a beginner, this can perhaps be your best choice to opt for. works such as word-typing and other custom jobs are available for you to do and earn some money.

The payout of the platforms is both hourly as well as pay per word.

As a beginner, you can easily end up earning about $0.16 per word and for hourly rates, it is set at $4 to $11 per hour.

Isn’t that a great deal to look for? well, it indeed is a great chance to start earning without learning any skill.

7. Microworkers

The platform Microworkers works on a contract basis and is slightly different from others in the list.

Micro works are of different types and thus, you can pick to do some data entry typing jobs if you are good with working with numbers.

It is quite easy but, you need to be careful as there are certain jobs posted which are not real.

Other than that, once you get your hands on good jobs, you can easily work and get paid through PayPal.

It can be both interesting and fun to do such micro jobs and earn some cash.

8. Freelancer

Unlike other platforms in the list, Freelancer is a bit different. On this website, you will find different kinds of jobs for which you will have to place a bid.

Only after you are awarded the project you can start and earn some money.

It is a freelancing website and many people offer different kinds of typing jobs that anyone can easily do without any skill.

So, if you too feel that you want to try your luck, Freelancer can be a good website to try out. You can pick the job of your choice and bid for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know the fact that you can earn money by typing and where to look for such jobs, I am sure some other questions are coming to your mind.

Thus, here I have a few most common questions that you might be looking to get answers to.

Can I get paid to type numbers?

Yes, it is very much possible for you to earn by just typing numbers and some simple operations.

Many websites and companies look for people like you who have a strong hold of numbers and are good at number-rated typing jobs. You can take such an opportunity.

What qualifications do I need for doing typing jobs online?

There is nothing you need to be a perfect fit for a typing job online. It is easy to perform such a job as you do not need any skill.

Besides, if you have a good typing speed, that will be an advantage for you to work more and earn more.

Can I opt for typing job as an active source of income?

Well, typing jobs are not usually paid on a higher scale. However, people with great speed at typing, have a higher chance of securing a better place in the industry.

But, taking up such a job as an active source of income will not be an ideal thing to do.

How much can I earn by doing typing jobs online?

Typing jobs can be a great source of making money for students as a part-time working opportunity. For beginners, the pay can be about $4-$11 per hour.

And for the ones that need little skill, you can get paid higher for that.


Typing jobs are very much known to all but, as a means of income, not all can think about it. many companies have such requirements and they offer such jobs.

For students and other people looking for a good side hustle, they can easily earn money by typing.

If needs no skills or special qualification. You can start at any point in time.

Be it in your college life to support your expenses or to earn some extra after your regular job, typing job can be a great idea to settle for.

There is a huge requirement in this industry and today, more and more people are looking forward to such an earning method.

The only downside is that they pay in the industry is quite less as compared to others but, once you get used to the job, it hardly takes any time.

There is no fixed income you can earn by doing typing job. But you are allowed to do a lot of work and earn as much as you work.

Therefore, if you think that some kind of passive income can help you with your expenses, do try out typing jobs and see if it works for you.




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