In this article, you’ll learn how you can get started on 9 Python project ideas that are just right for a beginner Python developer. They will challenge you enough to help you become a better programmer but will still be achievable! The more you practice the faster you learn.

So you have been learning Python, reading up about it watching online tutorials about it, and now you ask yourself, what cool easy python programming projects can I do? Look no further you have come to the right place.

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Python is an awesome programming language, it is used to build so much more than just web applications and mastering it can open up so many doors in your future career, so here I have created 9 lists of easy python programming ideas for beginners.

These projects are tailored for you as a junior developer, it will help you revise some of what you have already learnt and it will challenge you to learn the fundamentals of Python as a powerful programming language, these are fun projects too! so I hope you enjoy coding them.


Below are 9 easy project ideas perfect for a beginner learning to code Python.

  1. Acronym
  2. Password Generator
  3. Word Count
  4. Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
  5. Guessing a number
  6. Hangman
  7. Snake Game
  8. URL Shortener
  9. Face Recognition



Python Project Idea

Write a program that asks for any give text for example “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” and extract just the first letter of each word, convert them to uppercase to make it easier to read so that the acronym spells out ( ADHD ) ignore the word ‘and’ if it is in the list of words.

Technical Details

  • The program should accept text input
  • Extract the first letter from each word
  • Ignore the word ‘and ‘ if included
  • The result should be in all CAPS



Python Project Idea

Write your very own password generator, a password strong enough not be guessable by anyone, it will have lowercase, uppercase, digits, symbols and will also be at least 16 characters in length, this will save you so much time when you have to create an account online and need a strong password.

This project will allow you to practice how to manipulate strings in python, generate random characters and plan how to execute your problem to meet the requirement. Below are some technical details to help you work through this challenge.

Technical Details

  • The password to have at least one lowercase letter
  • It should also have at least one uppercase letter
  • At least on digit included
  • It should contain a symbol e.g (!@>^)
  • The password should be 16 characters minimum
  • Program to generate a new set of random password every time it is called



Python Project Idea

In this project, you are going to extract some required information from a text file, your python code should tell you how many words there is in the file and since you are already reading that information, your code is also going to report back how many lines and how many characters the file contains.

Technical Details

  • Ability to read from a text file
  • Print total lines of words in the text file
  • Print out total characters in the text file
  • Finally, report back the word count


Python Project Idea

In this project, you are going to create the famous rock, paper, scissor game, it will be computer vs player, but we have to code the rules of the game so that the computer can play against a user. The computer will randomly choose Rock, Paper or Scissor and a user will do the same, then the result will be printed. Technical details below show the rules of the game.

Rules of the game

Rock vs paper -> paper wins
Rock vs scissor -> Rock wins
paper vs scissor -> scissor wins

Technical Details

  • Computer randomly choose Rock, Paper or Scissor
  • Player prompted to choose Rock, Paper or Scissor
  • If the user wins print: You win!!! 🙂
  • If the computer wins print: Computer wins 🙁
  • Prompt do you want to play again? (Y/N)
  • Choosing N will terminate the program
  • Choosing Y will start the game all over again


Python Project Idea

In this program, users will be able to guess a number between a range, e.g between 1 and 50, but there will be a twist, they have 5 guesses to get it right. the program will give hints too. e.g Your guess is too high or your guess is too low, print out how many guesses it took to get the right answer.

Technical Details

  • guess a number between a range eg. 1 – 50
  • prompt what number am I guessing?
  • 5 total guess chances
  • tell the user if the guess is higher or lower than answer
  • if successful print total attempts used to reach the answer
  • if unsuccessful print the correct answer


Python Project Idea

In this python project, you are going to build a hangman game, there will be a selection of words to choose from and then users can try to guess each letter of that word. Every time the wrong letter is entered, the hangman icon is drawn onto the screen, the game is over when the full drawing is produced.

| |
| 0
| /-+-\
| |
| |
| |. |
| |. |

This is going to be a challenge, but it will be a chance to learn a lot, thinking about how to choose random words, know when a player has chosen the right letter, keep track of how many lives are left and when to announce game over.

Technical Details

  • Have a list of words to use for game
  • Each game choose a random word to use
  • If the player enters the wrong letter, hangman drawing increases
  • If the player enters the right letter no drawing is made
  • Game is over when a full drawing is made
  • The player can also attempt to guess the whole word


Python Project Idea

When it comes to old school phone games, the snake game is up there! here is a chance to flex your python programming skills to recreate this awesome game and add extra functionalities to match your imagination, below let’s have a look at some of the technical details.

Technical Details

  • Create a game screen using turtle graphics
  • Keep track of scores
  • Ability to move the snake around the screen with the arrow keys
  • Ability to increase snake segments with each successful collision with food
  • Ability to replay the game and keep a record of the scores

For this project, there is the option to use Turtle or Pygame packages, so this will give you the chance to learn existing python packages and have fun creating the project.


Python Project Idea

Create a program that makes it possible to take a long URL and create a short version that you can distribute around and share over social media platform such as Twitter. When that link is visited it should automatically redirect you to the intended address.

For this, you could use any python framework such as Django to leverage a lot of the features you would need. This is another small step introduction into a powerful python framework and a project worth including into your portfolio.

Technical Details

  • Prompt user to enter a possibly long URL
  • The program should return a short URL
  • Entering the short URL should auto-redirect to the long URL
  • short URL should be unique not to clash with another address


Python Project Idea

In this project, you will build a face recognition program using the opencv-python package, feed your program an image and let it detect how many faces there are in the image and highlight them, the real-life application of this is endless, this will be another fun project, there is a little bit of difficulty to this one but it is mainly learning how to use an existing library.

Technical Details

Feed an image path to your program
Let it automatically detect faces from the picture
Faces to be highlighted with a box drawn on each identified face.




In this article you have explored a few Python project ideas, these projects cover a wide range of platforms, from the command-line interface to using a web framework like Django.

The more you practice the more you grow as a Python developer, fun projects such as the hangman and snake game are fun to build, and even more fun when shared with friends so I encourage you to go ahead and not only build these projects but to share them with others.


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