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9 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves


Whether you’re staying at home, working on the frontlines or commuting to work, if you’re like many adults, you may be looking to create a more overall improved health life. Despite what you might think, there is a way to achieve this without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive exercise or cooking equipment or special diets. And, it starts with something as simple as uses of guava leaves.

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Guava Leaves Goodness

Health benefits of guava leaves can improve your productivity as your energy levels rise. And, you may not have to wait weeks to experience guava leaf benefits. Why? Guava is a super fruit that has vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, iron and lycopene, a plant nutrient.1 Before we go into the benefits of guava leaves tea, we must tell you that you may absolutely love the taste of the guava fruit.

Guava is about the size of a tea cup. Its skin is smooth yet slightly rugged. And, guava is soft. You can actually eat the fruit raw. Just be careful with the seeds as the inside of guava is loaded with seeds. But, what if you want to enjoy the benefits of guava leaves, not just the fruit? Also, how can you gain the uses of guava leaves while away from home?

In addition to the uses of guava leaves, you may love the benefits of guava leaves. Here are 9 benefits of guava leaves:

Soothed Stomach – Irritable digestion is no fun, especially if you’re away from home when it strikes. Drinking guava leaves with a bit of guava root and boiling water could reduce abdominal pain and help ease similar digestive issues.
Improved Fat Storage – In as little as eight weeks, regular uses of guava leaves could help with absorption and regulation of fats.
Blood Sugar – Compounds in guava leaf tea can help inhibit maltose and sucrose, two sugars, from being absorbed by the body following a meal.
Weight Management – Because one of the guava leaves or guava tea side effects is the prevention or slow down of complex carbs becoming sugars, it may be possible to attain your goals while using guava leaves.
Support Immune System – Vitamin C and iron in guava leaves can help boost immunity and strengthen the respiratory system.
Tooth Pain – If you’ve ever had a toothache, you may truly appreciate these health benefits of guava leaves. Guava leaves can be ground and applied to gums to relieve tooth pain.
Acne – Vitamin C in guava leaves can help reduce acne.
Supports Healthy Hair – In addition to drinking guava leaf tea like the Herbal Goodness Guava Leaf Tea, you could boil and apply guava leaves to the scalp to support healthy hair.
Improved Sleep – Of all the benefits of guava leaves, this one can be enjoyed by anyone. After all, who doesn’t want a good night of sleep? It’s the antioxidants in guava leaves that aid sleep.










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