9 Reasons Why You Must have a Website to Build a Successful, Long-term Business

It’s often said that you can have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t sell it, that idea will never make it past the conference room table.

Well, we don’t have a conference room table for our business (more like the kitchen table!) but the same concept applies to your business and why you must have a website.

Let’s say you have an amazing business plan with products and services that people really need. There is a niche in the market that only you can fill.

In today’s modern world, not having a website can dash those dreams faster than you can say, “WordPress.”


9 Reasons Why You Must have a Website to Build a Successful, Long-Term Business

1. Reason why you need a website: It gives your business a home online.

If you don’t have an online presence, you’re basically leaving money on the table. That’s because you don’t have a place to send your customers.

Having a website also helps you reach a much bigger audience. Instead of just reaching people in your town, you can reach customers on a national scale—even a global scale!

2. Reason why you need a website: Social media isn’t reliable and organic reach is diminishing.

Some of you may be thinking, “This article isn’t for me! I have a great business that I’ve had success with, and I don’t have a website!” Think about it this way: Why did you get in business, to begin with?

For many entrepreneurs, it all starts with an idea that just won’t leave them alone. This product or service may make life easier—or it may be life-changing.

Either way, reaching as big of an audience as possible will get that great product or service into as many hands as possible.

Finding those customers through organic search isn’t as easy as it used to be. And social media is a crowded space with tons of different opinions. Having a website will help you break through that clutter.

3. Reason why you need a website: It’s a 24/7 promotional tool for your business.

Having a website will take your business to the next level by providing you with a 24/7 promotional tool for your business that customers can access anytime, anywhere.

An online presence is essential for today’s businesses because your competitors aren’t just across town, they are all over the world.

And if they have a robust website and social media presence, they’re already a few steps ahead.

4. Reason why you need a website: It helps you gain consumer trust.

Being seen as an authentic business these days is so important with the prevalence of online scams.

One way to help build consumer trust is by getting a website. It’s another tool in your marketing plan that will help you be seen as professional and legitimate.

5. Reason why you need a website: It can set you apart from competitors.

Business owners must have a website because it further solidifies brand recognition. If you think of your business as a brand, customers often don’t want to engage with a brand they’ve never heard of before.

Even if you have a better product than a competitor, they may win because they have stronger brand recognition (totally unfair, but that’s the nature of marketing for you).

Having a website sets you apart from your competitors because you have a unique destination that only you can offer.


6. Reason why you need a website: You’re missing out on search/SEO if you don’t have one.

An easy way to help people learn about you is by having a website.

Customers may find you through organic search on Google or see reviews through Yelp.

A bigger online presence means more traffic to your website, more brand recognition, and more sales. In fact, you’re actually missing out on SEO and search if you don’t have a website.

Newbies need Websites, Too!

Now, you could be thinking, “I’m just trying to get my business started. I’ll build a website after I’ve gained some traction.”

This is exactly why you must have a website! It will help your business gain momentum.

It also allows you to engage with your customers and answer questions in real-time.

7. Reason why you need a website: You have complete control.

To start your business out on the right foot, you need a website and that should definitely be part of your business plan.

Your website is the number one marketing tool you have. Without it, marketing becomes a lot harder.

Yes, there is a word of mouth and organic conversation about your business, but having a website puts the ball in your court.

It gives you control to market yourself more appropriately based on your individual needs as an entrepreneur.

8. Reason why you need a website: It will set you apart from competitors.

Before you start developing a website, think about what kind of business owner you are. Are you service-based or offer digital or physical products? This will help you pick a theme and decide what type of website is right for you.

Another thing that can help you along the way is doing a market analysis.

Are there any similar businesses in the market? Who are your competitors?

Finding out who it is you’re up against is important for your overall business strategy and your website.

From there, find out what websites you gravitate toward and why based on your area of expertise.

If your business is selling yourself as a freelance designer, for example, what type of information do your competitors showcase? What visually appealing websites from other designers have you found?

Whether it’s the navigation, features, or user experience, knowing what you like about different websites (and what you don’t) is important as you move through this planning phase.


9. Reason why you need a website: You’re able to respond to customers quickly.

By now you know that you must have a website for your business in the here and now. But this is also vital for your long-term success.

The right website can get you more clients and quality leads. If you struggle with getting potential clients and customers (because you can never have too many), having a website can attract the right audience to your business.

In addition, those customers may reach out to you via your website to ask questions. This allows you to connect with them in real-time, which can potentially lead to higher sales.

But building a website isn’t a one-and-done task you can check off your to-do list. You must keep your website up to date to ensure its long-term success. Your business will be constantly growing and changing, so it makes sense that your website should follow suit.

That means adjusting your content to the growing needs of your business, checking your website to make sure it’s working properly, and even removing spam comments that can diminish the quality of your brand.


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