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things to do to add value to yourself



In a world where things happen really fast and everything keeps revolving is easier to lose yourself in the chaos. To not know who you are any longer, where you are heading to or what awaits you. In those moments it easy to forget your values or to build new ones. You become stagnant in your personal growth and you forget that in the midst of all that is happening it is very important to add value to yourself. Or you become a shadow of yourself and soon people around will notice.

What if nobody is watching but just you and yourself. Will you be ok with what you are becoming? Will you be fine with being in the same place for 5 years ok. No added knowledge, no frim principles, no personal growth, and the constant lack of confidence. All the things you do not want for yourself.

It’s about time you tell yourself it’s enough and start building on that value you never had or once had and forever remain the MVP.

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7 things to do to add value to yourself

Let’s get things straight, when you want to add value to yourself it doesn’t mean you don’t have values in the first place. It simply means you want to remain true to yourself and relevant regardless of how the times have changed or the people that keep crossing your part.

Hence, incase my introduction didn’t make you see it like that I believe you do now. Here are 7 little things you can start practicing that will help you add value to your life:


1. Work on your self confidence

Be it at work, at home, in church, amongst your friends, with your business, or any place you have to function be confident in yourself. Believe that you can deliver and that you are doing a great job.

First, you need to know that you are a unique individual, hence, your perspective, ideas, strategy, and opinion will be different. Embrace that and use it as your weapon.

Confidence means a lot of things one of which is you cannot do it all by yourself. Hence. stop trying to be a lone ranger and get help when you need it. There is a reason every man doesn’t have an island to himself.

2. Learn new things to add value to yourself

If you must stay relevant then you must hunger and thirst for knowledge. Whenever I have to talk about adding value to one self, learning new things is always on the list of points to make.

Work, social, economic, psychological, and religious ethics keeps changing over time. This means what was applicable 10 to 20 years ago is irrelevant now. Which makes the need for constant learning very important.

3. Practice self-care

Learn to value yourself by practicing self-care. Self-care to me in my own words and understanding is seeing yourself as worthy of care. Hence, you make your well-being a priority.

Your wellbeing includes mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health. So when you practice self-care you glow from the inside out. People will see you glow every day and that is how they can tell this person to value who they are and are living the best life they possibly can.

Loving yourself and knowing your worth through self-care is by having self-care routines that work for you.

4. Take your Mental health seriously

Once you have a sound mind staying valuable and adding value to yourself becomes easy. A human being is his/her mind, hence, if the mind is sick your whole existence is at stake.

Therefore, surround yourself with positive company, do away with a toxic relationship, if that job is driving you nuts start looking elsewhere, relax, meditate, pray, find your purpose and be happy. Don’t forget to eat healthily and exercise your body these are all necessities to keep your mental health intact.

When you feel a little bit frustrated take a break and gather yourself again. There is so much you can do for your mental health that will give you added value in life.

5. Boost your self esteem

Finding your self worth lies in how you feel about yourself. Hence, to add value to yourself you must keep feeling good about who you are.

If you don’t like how you look change it, do the hair that fits you, and wear the clothes that compliment you. I’m not slim, I don’t want to be slim but I have a weight am most comfortable in and I try my best to maintain it.

I am not saying this in a bad way but there is room for change and we must be true to who we are. Find your most comfortable space and be the best version of yourself.

You can’t keep living with low self esteem on the things you can change about yourself.

6. It’s ok to say “no”

You don’t have to be a yes person so that everyone will like you. It’s ok to say “no” and stick to what you believe in.

Been a principled person doesn’t mean you are rigid or a difficult going person. It simply means you know who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in.

Hence, it is ok to say no when something doesn’t sit well with you or your principles. This shows you know your worth and it increases your value even to yourself not only the people around you. This alone is a self-care idea you need to practice.

7. Keep good company

You need to do away with relationships that don’t add value to you if you really want to add value to yourself because the people around you will either make you or break you. Therefore, you have to deliberately surround yourself with positivity with the company you keep.

It’s your life and you have the right to be selective on who you let in. Don’t make friends with everyone just to be liked by all. You will hurt yourself and in no way value has been added to you.

Recap on things to do to add value to yourself

It all boils down to how badly you want to keep improving your self-worth. For the many reasons mentioned or the reasons best known to you. One thing is sure as individuals wanting to stay relevant no matter the chaos around you, you must take self-growth seriously and one of the best ways to do that is to add value to yourself.




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