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Are Tigers Good Pets? Findout!!!

Tigers have fearsome weaponry and can quite easily kill you without meaning to. As they grow up, like teenage humans, they will test the limits they can go to with their Mother.

The mother will give them some discipline if they go over the line. Now, this is where the problems start. A young tiger testing the limits with a human parent could quite easily kill them without realizing it.

When grown-up, tigers are incredibly highly strung and have to be kept mentally stimulated.

In short, they make terrible pets and there are many stories of tigers turning on their owners. Most owners do not have a clue about proper animal husbandry and vet bills are astronomical.

This is where a tiger should be:

If it needs to be in captivity, it should be in a good zoo which knows how to look after them like this:

not in someone’s backyard like this:

The tiger is a truly majestic animal. Even the word ‘tiger’ creates certain awe. The above is a perfect example of why private ownership of tigers needs to be allowed to die out. This can of course be done quite easily by banning the breeding of tigers that are held in non-accredited zoos.

Source: Nick Nicholas

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