Best Places To Sell Shoes Online In 2021

Best Places To Sell Shoes Online In 2021


What are your plans for those pair of shoes that you have brought for a long but do not like anymore? Well, it is a problem that most of us have to face.

What is I tell you that you can sell shoes online? Yes, you read that right, that is a great option to get back some of the money you have spent on buying those pair of shoes.

The next question that you must be thinking about is where to sell shoes? You might not be aware but, there are very many ways to sell off your shoes.

And that’s why we are here today. If you too have plans to sell your shoes online and you don’t know what to do and where to go, I am here for you.

In this article, I will tell you about the best way to sell shoes. Come let’s get started with the journey at hand.

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Best Place To Sell Shoes Online

If you are one such person who does not want to deal with buyers directly, online platforms are the best for you to sell your shoes.

But, at the same time, you must be thinking about which platform to choose and how to go about with things. Without any more delay, let’s see what options are available.


It is one such online platform where you can sell anything. From shoes to clothing to accessories and many more. Many people know about the website and you can take the chance of selling your shoes online on eBay.

However, you will have to spend a little amount of money on the platform for your listing and once your shoe is sold, the site also keeps a 10% profit out of the selling price.


Dealo is a cost-effective option and they do not charge you for your listing. You can choose to sell your shoes locally or even on an international scale.

They offer verified shipping and hence, it is on you to decide the scale at which you would like to sell your shoes. You can have easy access to their website, Android, or IOS applications.


With Flyp, your job is easier. The platform connects you to a real seller who involves in all tasks related to the selling of your shoe. They have quite a lot of options for you if your shoe is not sold within 90 days.

Once your shoe is sold, the platform keeps a commission and pays you the rest. With this platform, you can be sure to get the best price for your shoe.


ThredUP is one such site that allows you to sell different items online; shoes being one of them. They offer different types of payment policies that you can check out on their website.

All you need to do is order a ‘clean out bag’ from the site where you can place your shoe and send it to them. Only if your shoe satisfies their condition, it will be listed on the platform. Yes, it’s that easy to sell shoes for cash.


If you are thinking about how to sell shoes locally, Craigslist is the option for you. It is free to use and you can list your item under any heading that fits your item.

Both the website version and the application of the platform are available on the net for you to grab your hands on. Thus, in no time you sell your shoes online and earn some cash for yourself.


This platform is only meant for all lovers of sneakers. All you have to do is create a store for yourself and start listing your sneakers. The platform charges an 8%commission fee for each item sold.

However, it is still a very good website to opt for where you can feel like the owner of a virtual store. All policies and guidelines are for you to decide. It is quite easy and you might love the experience.


if you are looking to sell off your branded shoes, here is one option for you to pick. You will not be charged any commission fee but, the site charges a listing fee.

By just paying USD 6.50, you are all ready to start selling your luxury branded heels. With its high amount of reach in the whole world, the platform is quite old. However, it is still a very good option to try out.


This site is particularly focused on selling sneakers. Sneakers are something that all of us have no matter what. Also, sometimes you might not want to wear a particular pair of sneakers to wear for long.

Thus, you can go about and sell them. The process might be a little confusing to sell your sneakers on this platform. But you can give it a try. Do make it a point to read all the guidelines from the website before you start.

The RealReal

If you are an owner of quite some luxury branded shoes, here I have one more option for your help. Shoes from high-end brands are mostly seen on the website for sale. You too can take the opportunity to get some money back by selling your luxury branded shoes.

The problem with this website is that they charge quite some money as a commission fee. Also, once you apply for selling your branded shoes, they will verify, and only then they will list your item on their site.


The website Poshmark is for all. Believe me when I say that. You can sell your regular shoes which are not from high-end brands. Not all of us can buy and wear expensive shoes.

Thus, if you are someone with regular brands of shoes, this is the one for you to look for. Also, the commission fee charged is quite less and is a great place to start selling your shoes.

Some Alternatives For You To Sell Shoes Online

Well, as we have seen that many different websites allow you a chance to earn good cash by selling your shoes. But here I have some other alternatives for you if you don’t want to use the shoe-selling websites. Let’s get started.

Social Media Marketplace

Have you ever thought about such an option? If not, now you can consider social media to be a good marketplace to sell your shoes.

Facebook for example can be used to put up posts of shoes that you want to sell. Any person willing to take up your offer will connect to you and you can very easily get your job done. It is indeed a great option, do try out.

Thrift Stores

Yes, do not get shocked to read this. A good number of thrift stores all across the globe are looking for sellers like you to reach them. A good number of populations in the world rely on thrift stores for their purchase.

If you are in the thought of where to sell shoes that too locally, you can connect with such stores as a seller and earn some cash that has been already spent.

Some Tips And Tricks To Gain More Profits

Selling shoes online might sound to be interesting and easy but it can also get through if you play the role of a seller by yourself. However, I have some tips and tricks that can help you to get a good grip on the market.

Firstly, marketing is the key, especially when you are open to social media platforms, try and get hold of people with similar interests as you. It will help you reach your target audience in no time.

Secondly, listing fees are different for different websites, and thus, do not opt for a website with high costs as it will take quite a good amount of your profits. Look for an alternative option with low or free listing fees.

Last but not the least, patience is the key to get the right buyer at the right time. Do not get impatient and sell your shoes at very low costs.


If you have a love for shoes, you will mostly find your shoe rack filled with shoes. Some are wanted while some other may be unwanted. But you need not think about those unwanted pairs anymore. You can well sell them at your comfort and earn some cash.

If you did not know about the different means of selling your shoes, this article was for you as a guide on how you can keep those shoes away.

You can try out local options if you are comfortable with meeting the buyers in person. But there is also another way out. You can look for many online websites that are stores where you can sell your shoes.

With that, we end here and I hope you now have a clear idea of how and where to sell your unwanted pair of shoes, be it sneakers or heels or any other category of footwear.




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