Best Small Scale Business Ideas for Women

What is a Small Scale Business?

A small scale business employs only a few people (or one!), it makes a small profit and is generally privately owned. It can be a sole proprietorship, corporation or partnership, but usually it is not focused on growing super fast or super huge.

This kind of business is perfect for the stay at home mom or wife who wants to bring in some money but needs a flexible schedule. The beautiful part is that you can grow at the speed that suites your lifestyle. If you want to work insane hours and grow fast, you can! Or you can work a few hours a week for now and invest more time in the future.

You might be wondering what kinds of business works on a small scale? I have made a huge list of small scale business ideas for women to help you get started.

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Small Scale Business Ideas for Women

Art or Craft Business

  • Sewing or Tailoring
  • Skin Care Products
  • Knit/Crochet Products
  • Jewelry
  • Painting

Perfect if you already have a crafty hobby, start selling and you have an instant business. You can sell on  local stores, Facebook groups, anywhere!

Small Scale Food Business

  • Caterer
  • Cake Decorator
  • Bake/Cook for Farmer’s Market
  • Personal Chef
  • Nutritionist

Genealogy Researcher

Love to do research? Genealogy is an art but if you love to dig out tiny details and get a rush from finding some long lost person you might be a great Genealogist. Most of the research is done online nowadays but there are also people who need locals to research actual documents at libraries.


  • Blogger
  • Freelance Writer
  • eBook Author
  • Children’s Book Writer

If you love to write this is an easy business to start from home. You can easily write during nap time or after the kids go to bed.

Graphic Design Business

Got an eye for design? Now that there is online software like Canva it is easy to start offering design services for local small businesses or bloggers.

House Cleaning Business

An easy business for moms who have some kid free time during the day. Offer to bring your own non-toxic cleaners to appeal to families!

Music Teacher

Work out of your own home or a local studio to offer music lessons to kids and adults. Whether it is piano, violin or voice people are always looking for good music teachers.

Tutoring/College Prep

You can start your own service or sign up for online websites that match teachers and students such as Chegg Tutors,, and TutorMe.

Childcare/Elder Care

If you have the space to set up care in your home this type of business can fit in very well with family life. Some people prefer in-home care and that can be a bit more difficult to do with children. If you love to be around people everyday this can be a great job!

Event Planning

Are you great at putting together the perfect party? Try event planning! This is great for the super organized person who doesn’t mind solving problems and putting out fires. You can specialize in events like Weddings or plan conferences, fundraisers or parties.


Love taking photos? There are tons of ways you can turn that into a profitable business. Offer your services to take family photos, or head-shots for businesses, or even boudoir photo shoots!


If you are good with spelling and grammar there are jobs for you. You can take online courses to get qualified as a proof-reader, do you research to make sure you choose the best program for you. Then you can work freelance or for a company.

Errand Services

Offer to run errands in your local community. There are plenty of people who work full time and can’t get to stores during business hours.

Grant Writing

If you have grant writing skills every non-profit in your area is looking for you! It is such a specialized skill that can be hard to obtain, making it an easily marketable skill.





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