Buhari’ll be remembered for not interfering in elections

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A former Nigerians Senator representing Rivers South-East district in the National Assembly, Magnus Abe, had said the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (r, would be remembered for not interfering in any election.

Abe stated this after paying a courtesy visit to the Chairman, Supreme Council of Ogoni Traditional Rulers, King Godwin Giniwa, at his palace in the Tai Local Government Area of Rivers State to thank him and the council for the recent chieftaincy title (Mene Suanu I of Ogoniland) conferred on him.

He said the 2023 general elections was another opportunity for Nigerians to come together and elect a government of their choice.

“It is your vote that creates the government. Therefore, if you are the one creating the government, you should own the government that you create.

“And the government you create should serve you, should work for you, should have your interests and should have your interests above any other interests,” Abe stated.

He said Buhari should be commended for allowing Nigerians to freely choose who they want to lead them by not interfering with the electoral process.

Abe noted, “If President Muhammadu Buhari has not done anything for Nigeria, he has done something that Nigerians can never forget. He has given you the Nigerian people the power to choose whoever you want as your leader.

He has refused to interfere in the politics and political choices of Nigerians. He has refused to manipulate the electoral process.

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And because of that, today, with the advent of the BVAS machine which identifies every voter, you have the opportunity to choose whoever you like.

“To choose a government that will place your rights, your feelings, your views, your needs, your aspirations, your hopes above every other consideration in the governance of your state and tour community.

“If you fail to make use of this opportunity to choose a government that will serve you; tomorrow, don’t come and talk about the dividends of democracy because dividends go to shareholders,” Abe stated.

Gininwa said the Ogoni ethnic nationality was part of Rivers State and should be allowed to produce the next governor in 2023.


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