Easy Way To Identify Your Natural Hair Type

Recently everyone started talking about curls patterns and I had no idea what they were referring to.

Types of Hair: How to Style and Care for Your Hair Type

If you are like me, this is how to break it down easily

First off, there are 4 types of hair.

Type 1 is Straight Hair

Type 2 is wavy hair

Type 3 is curly hair

Type 4 is coil hair

You cannot change the curl pattern on her hair, although you can manipulate it for a little while with straighteners, relaxers, and heat. Your curl pattern is in your DNA and what determines how it is, is your hair follicles.

Coily hair is what most African have. It is what is referred to as Kinky hair.

Knowing your curl pattern can be tricky because several curl textures can exist on the same person’s hair.

Curl patterns are based on the diameter of your hair. A being the one with the wildest curls, B is medium, and C is the smallest of the batch.

4A hair is S-shaped. It is incredibly curly.

4B hair has a Z patterned and looks quite fluffy. It shrinks to half its size.

4C is tightly held and the least visible curl pattern


Different types of textures {healthline}

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