Fashion, trends and items go away all too quickly and one thing remains to stand the test of time. Style.

If you have a great style, you can literally look good every time, no matter your economic status or where you are in the world. Great style is timeless but yet it can be quite tricky to nail.

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The tips below are four ultimate favorites when it comes to having great style. They are also a collection of tips I have taken from fashion icons and those who have a timeless sense of style.

Develop your signature style

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Ralph Lauren

When you can fine-tune your signature style, it never leaves you. Instead of focusing on trends or what looks great on another person, take the time to figure out what looks perfect on you. Your color palette must compliment your skin tone. The silhouette must be designed for your shape. Your jewellery should complement your neck and cheekbones. All these you can learn with time the more you try a different styles and stick with what works.


Be confident

“Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself.” Iris Apfel

The thing is with confidence, people can smell it a mile away, especially if you lack it. Pulling off a look has more to do with how confident you feel within it. If you are cowering, constantly covering yourself, you don’t look very confident, and you’re probably not wearing a style that best represents you. Whatever your style, most importantly it should empower you because it is a representation of you and you should be proud of who you are every time.


Stay Inspired

Stylish people although they have found their look, they always look for inspiration, new ways to find what speaks to them. You cannot keep yourself locked in a box or you will be wearing the same thing forever. You can look for inspiration everywhere, at fashion shows, in a magazine or even on Instagram. By staying inspired you will have an endless collection of outfits which you know will speak to your personal style without following trends.


They don’t overdo it.

Style doesn’t always mean being the most gregarious or the most flamboyant dresser. Great style can also be communicated through simplicity and stylish people know this. Take for example Parisian women, they so often mix the minimal with the maximal to achieve an effortless, yet chic look. The same can be done for you, instead of going full glam, pair your jeans with a heel or a blazer to keep things casual yet stylish.







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Braided headbands are certainly in fashion Braided headbands are certainly in fashion

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