Hiring A Plumber For Leak Repair? Consider The Pros and Cons First

It’s common for homeowners to experience problems that involve leaks. Leaking showers, faucets, sink pipes, and water heaters might seem like minimal problems, but these can worsen over time. Bigger problems can mean expensive repair and replacement costs. Not to mention the inconvenience it can bring to the entire household.

When you see any signs of leaks at home, hiring a plumber is probably your first course of action. With their experience and equipment, plumbers are the best persons to fix any leak problems at home. But, before you actually hire one, it’s best if you’re aware of the pros and cons of hiring a plumber.

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Pros of Hiring A Plumber
Listed are the advantages you can get once you hire a plumber for leak repairs:

1.Skills And Experience
Plumbers have to undergo training before they can operate in a specific state. Usually, they’re trained through an apprenticeship commissioned by local associations and unions of plumbers. Their apprenticeship lasts for four to five years.

Plumbers will also have to be licensed before they can offer professional services. Plumbers have to meet certain training and experience standards in order to acquire this license.
Utilizing the skills and experience of plumbers for leak repairs is one of the biggest advantages you can get once you hire them. Remember, plumbers spent years in understanding and repairing plumbing systems, so hiring them ensures that any leaks at home can be properly diagnosed and fixed.

Proper Tools And Equipment
Leaking problems are caused by different things. While a leaking faucet might be caused by a blockage in your pipes (which can be addressed with household items), leaks in your water heater require the right tools and equipment. Aside from fixing the leaks, the condition and function of the water heater should be maintained, as well.

When you hire plumbers for leak repairs, you don’t have to exert any effort in learning what tools are required in repairing leaks. Plumbers are well-equipped with the necessary plumbing tools and equipment, so hiring them won’t require you to buy any.

Quick Fix
A single leak at home can affect the entire family. Any leaks from the ceiling can form a puddle of water on the floor and can cause slip and fall accidents. A dripping faucet can lead to low water pressure, which can cause inconvenience.

Because plumbers have the necessary experience and tools for the job, hiring them guarantees that leaks at home can be fixed as soon as possible. Some plumbers can repair leaks the same day you called for their services.

The promptness of a plumber ensures that none of your family members will experience stress and inconvenience at home. Thus, everyone can get back on track and continue to be productive.

Cons of Hiring A Plumber
On the other side of the coin, hiring a plumber for leak repair can also result in the following disadvantages:

Since plumbers can be expensive, some homeowners fix leaks by themselves. Depending on the severity of the problem, materials required, and urgency to have the problem fixed, plumbers will charge around $45 to $200 per hour. Hiring a plumber for an emergency or during a weekend or holiday will cost more.

Some plumbers will require a service fee or flat charge of $100 to $400. This amount will only cover fixing some of the most common plumbing problems, such as unclogging a drain or fixing a toilet or faucet. Complex plumbing jobs that require more tools can cost more.

There are several plumbing scams today. If you don’t have any experience in hiring a plumber, you can be susceptible to being a victim of these scams. Once this happens, you’ll end up paying for a contractor who didn’t fix your home’s leaking problem, or in worse cases, a contractor who only aggravated the leaks in your home.

Bait and switch is a common plumbing scam. In this scheme, the scammer will convince you to shell out a large amount of money for a high-quality product required for the leak repair. In actuality, the scammers used a lower-cost product for the repair, and they’ll end up pocketing your money for profit.

Conclusion: Decide Carefully
Regardless if you’re planning to hire professionals or repair leaking problems on your own, both of these options come with risks. For you to decide which direction to take, detect the cause of the leak first, and assess possible solutions.

Fixing a leak from the faucet or garbage disposal are minor problems that can be fixed with DIY solutions. However, for leaking pipes and water heaters, it’s best if you hire professionals. Attempting to fix these problems on your own can lead to more damage.

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