How To Detox Your Hair The Right Way

If you find your scalp itching way more often than normal, and washing with shampoo doesn’t seem to make a difference, the reason may be dead cells on your scalp or the accumulation of left-over products.
Though shampooing your hair is a necessary procedure for maintaining hair hygiene, doing a detox takes a step further and scrubs off the layers of dead cells, preventing you from seeing the effects of your hair care routine.

Unlike your skincare routine, hair care proves to be a bit more difficult for many reasons, including the fact that it is almost impossible to see what you’re doing and the fact that there are thousands of hair follicles between you and your scalp.

This means that you could spend hours “detoxing” your hair, but what you are doing is tangling your hair all the more.

This is why it is essential to know the right way to detox your hair so that your detox session does not merely become an arm workout session.
detox session does not merely become an arm workout session.

What is a Detox?
A hair and scalp detox is a thorough massaging process that removes all dead skin, hair products, and toxins from hair follicles and your scalp. These substances are often the reason for itchy hair, dandruff, breaking hair, or overall poor hair growth.

Freeing your scalp from the layers of barriers between it and the air gives it room to grow and flourish. With proper detoxing techniques, you should see marked differences in the texture of your hair within weeks.

A detox also rescues your hair from the after-effects of over-styling, processes involving heat such as straightening and curling, and even from the harsh rays emitted from the sun.

Why do you need a Detox?
The skin beneath your hair is an extension of the skin on your face. It requires the exact amount of care you give your face, if not more. Just like you would go for facials and exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and acne on your face, you also should detox your hair for optimal hygiene.

How to Detox your Hair the Right Way
Before the detox
The first step to getting your detox done the right way is selecting what method you would like to use. You could book an appointment at a salon to get it done, but if you would rather have it done yourself, you need to decide what detox mixture you would be using. You could go with the clay-based mixture or the oil-based mixture.

Clay-based detox mask
This can be easily prepared with 3 ingredients: Bentonite clay; Aloe Vera gel, and Apple cider vinegar.

Oil-based detox mixture
Options range from olive oil to coconut and jojoba oil. The oil-based alternative is suitable for people with sensitive scalps, damaged or treated hair, for example, people who have recently dyed or relaxed their hair. The oil is usually mixed with an abrasive such as sugar to exert the exfoliating action.

Maximizing your detox
Now that you have selected a suitable method ease up the detoxing process by brushing and detangling your hair thoroughly with the right tools.

Then section your hair into parts so that it is easier to reach your scalp. For an oil-based mixture, massage it for 15minutes, and cover with a shower cap for another 15 minutes. Wash off with a clarifying shampoo.

For a clay-based mixture, apply to hair and scalp generously, then wrap with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Wash off with half a cup of vinegar, allow the vinegar to sit for 3 minutes, then wash off with a clarifying shampoo. Follow with a detox soak or a deep conditioner.

How to maintain your newly detoxed hair
Appreciate your breathing scalp by steering clear of products, especially those that aren’t naturally based. Scrutinize your hair products one more time, filtering out all the products containing sodium lauryl sulphate, which can cause hair breakage and split ends.

Also, prevent processes such as straightening and curling your hair for a while. If dyeing your hair is a non-negotiable part of your hair routine, consider spacing out the dyeing to improve hair stability.
Above all, remember to detox often to maintain the vibrancy and sheen of your hair.

Source: The guardian

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