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How To Make Chicken Bread

To those that are hearing about this for the first time, this is weird. Imagine eating bread with chicken soup but this time, without the soup. Sounds delicious right? If you are yet to taste this good, you should.

Chicken Bread Recipe - How to make Chicken Bread - Easy Bread Recipe - YouTube

¼ tbsp, Baking powder
3 Eggs
2 tbsps, Milk (powdered or condensed)
1 tbsp, Yeast
2 bulbs of Onion


Wash your chicken thoroughly. In a pot, put the chicken, onion, seasoning, salt and boil.

Shred (or dice if preferable) and add the milk. Cook until thick. Remove and allow to cool.
While that is cooling, pour flour into a bowl, add salt (I prefer sugar), milk, yeast, baking powder, butter, and one egg. Mix all then add warm water and knead until soft. Then leave it for 1hr to rise.

After that is done, divide the dough into the number and sizes of loaves you want. Roll the dough into whatever shape you want, slice the sides with a knife, and put the chicken filling into the center. Fold each side so that they overlap each other (the filling will slightly show but do not allow that to bother you).

Put the dough into a baking pan and brush the top with eggs (two beaten eggs). Place in an oven and allow baking for 30 minutes on 2000 C.

When your bread is done, (use a toothpick and pierce the middle to check) allow cooling.

Serve with the beverage of your choice.

Note: While your chicken is on fire, you should be mixing the ingredients for the bread. It makes the process faster.

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