Interesting Culture Of The Mundari Tribe

The Mundari tribe not only use cattle as a symbol of wealth and power, they also believe their value to be worth more than humans. Cattle are used as food, dowries, and depending on how big the cattle is, the man selling the cattle is permitted to have as many wives as possible!

What interests me more however, is their unique, orange hair.

It seems like your average hair dye, right? Actually, the tribe is known to wash their faces, hands, teeth, and hair in cow urine. Not only does this bleach their hair, but it also helps to fight off infections. The tribe is also known to drink the urine, with the belief that it helps to cleanse their system.

In one ritual, tribesmen suck milk straight from one of the cow’s udders. He then bangs a drum, alerting the rest of the tribe that it’s time to graze the animals.

Tribesmen also smear peach-coloured ash on their skin, created from poop fires. The consistency is like talcum powder, and is a natural antiseptic, and mosquito repellent. This offers them protection from the heat.

Around 350,000 cattle are stolen and more than 2,000 people killed each year by thieves. Here is a guard with his rifle

The picture that piqued my curiosity…

Source: Alisha Talks

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