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Know Your Skin To Make It Look Best Ever

Knowing what is your skin type is the first step towards having beautiful skin, as it helps you in making better decisions about how you choose to take care of it, be it regimes, lifestyle adjustments or diet. Most of us know about skin type, but still, it is a good idea to review the notion because this is a variable factor as we age.

There only can be a guideline for identifying your skin type instead of rules because skin is not carved in marbles and it won’t stay intact.

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Our skin type has a direct relation to how we treat it. Be it care, lifestyle or anything that has something to do with your stress levels.

Making it very dynamic reacting to what happens both inside and outside of it.

what is your skin type flowchart

I hope this flowchart was able to help you in understanding what is your skin type..

Now let me tell you that no matter what your skin type is with proper plan and attention you can always go back to having a blemish-free, glowing and smooth skin.

The whole purpose of these skin treatments is to bring your skin back to its normal state.

Now lets take a look at each skin type one by one.


Dry Skin

dry skin

Dry skin performs very poorly when it comes to keeping the moisture. It develops lines and flaking. When our sebaceous glands do not produce much sebum, it becomes dry.

Sebum contains complex lipids known as squalene and wax esters. However, too much of sebum makes our skin acne prone.

That’s what happens with oily skin. There are plenty of reasons why sebum production decrease.

Dehydrated Skin


This state produces symptoms similar to dry skin. This more of a skin condition then type. Lack of water is what causes this condition.

We can easily treat this condition by consuming oral rehydration solution or IV hydration in severe cases. But a micro shift towards healthy lifestyle will help you get rid of this situation.

Oily Skin

When our body produces excessive sebum it results into oily skin. To stay well lubricated our body depends on sebum, which comes form sebaceous gland, which sits right under our skin. Sebum is responsible preventing our skin and hairs form drying out.

Ever wondered where did this oil on your skin came form?

Its actually sebum, it travels on surface of your skin through hair follicles and carries old dead skin cells to hair follicles, which then sheds them.

When our body produces too much of it, dead skin cells and sebum stick together and starts clogging pores, which then in results oily looking skin and acne.

Now you must be asking, why would my body produce extra sebum?


There are so many things that could go wrong.

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Certain Medication
  • Genetics
  • Bacteria and poor hygiene
  • Consuming extra oil through diet
  • Vitamin Deficiency


Combination Skin

Combination skin


In this state your skin appears both dry and oily on specific areas on your face. The root cause behind this condition is uneven secretion of sebum. In this skin type your skin becomes more prone to blackheads. You skin pores are more open as compared to other skin types.


Normal Skin


normal skin


This is the divine state of human skin. It shines like a diamond. As smooth as touch of a velvet. Doesn’t require much care as other skin types do . However, daily regime for maintaining this state is necessary because of its dynamic nature. Also, as we age we need to put extra care unless it may become dry.

What makes your skin the way it is?

Our external and internal environment plays a vital role in how our skin appears. There are so many things that could account to your skin type, here is the list.




Part of how your skin appears comes from your inheritance. After conducting various studies, scientists have found that our eyes, hairs, height and skin type and colors are derived from our genes, which constructed off our DNA.

You may wonder if genetics is what makes our skin the way it appears, is it worth the effort to change it?

Absolutely, Yes.

Because, with advancements of skin care methods to this date, scientist have also found a million ways to make our skin as someone with perfect DNA.

Be it tropical applications of organic products or discovery of skin supplements found in every day things and cosmetic treatments.

But I advice going as natural as you can. Because the commercial intent behind selling these products is even harsher on your skin as faulty genes.


Diet and Lifestyle


Diet and lifestyle

Human skin has very dynamic characteristics, and it is susceptible to what happens on both inside and outside of it. If you are one those who enjoy those quick meals on fast food restaurants, your skin will pay the price for it.

If you are little careless about your water intake, it will show up on your skin.

Just having a proper regime of skin care is not enough for having perfect skin…

You need to reconstruct the entire game. Our skin pretty much tells everything about what is going on inside.


Skin allergies


If you hear someone saying, that they have sensitive skin, it is very likely that they are allergic to something. It could be because of any cosmetic product, dietary allergy or even an allergic reaction to the blanket/bedding they might be using.

If you feel you have sensitive skin, it is a good idea to have a proper allergy test and a visit to the dermatologist.

Once you identify the culprit, it can become a different game entirely. Once you know what is happening, taking preventive care becomes a piece of cake.



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