Looking For A Country You Can Live In? Even If You Are Not Rich(Find Out)

You may have heard that Norway has cradle to grave social programs.

That’s a big lie.

Because they also pay for pre-natal care and burial expenses.

The poverty rate is 0.5%.

Before COVID, the unemployment rate was just under 4%.

Now, it’s not perfect. About 36% of children of immigrants live in poverty compared to about 5% of native born Norwegian children. Child poverty is also around 60% in Oslo, the capital, but that’s common in large cities worldwide. However, poverty rates drop sharply for persons over 35.

The homeless rate is about 7 per 10,000. However, in Norway, “Homeless” includes people like “adult children living with parents” and “prisoners near release who have not obtained a permanent address”.

Are things expensive? Yes. Do you need to make a lot of money to live? No. For example, college tuition is free. Even if you’re not Norwegian.

So Norway is that country you can live in if you are not rich .

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