Premier League Plans Rule To Expel Teams That Join Unsanctioned Competitions

The Premier League is set to introduce new rules, to ensure any team who attempts to join a Super League in the future, will be immediately expelled from the competition, the UK Times reports.

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On Sunday, 12 clubs, including the Big Six from England, announced they had agreed to form part of a new European Super League.

However, following a fierce backlash the plans have fallen apart.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham have now all withdrawn from the tournament.

It remains to be seen what punishment the rebels will face, with some calling for heavy fines and potentially a points deduction.

However, the Premier League has acted quickly to look at changing its laws, to ensure they are prepared for the threat of something similar happening in the future.

They claim that a new rule will spell out clearly, that joining any outside competition without permission, will lead to that club immediately being thrown out of England’s top flight.

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