The Seven C’s To Using Canva For Your Social Media

Launching a business or brand online doesn’t end when you decide on the look and feel of your web design.

You’ll want to be able to filter your brand’s design aesthetic across all your online platforms in order to then promote your new look.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly reminded of how important it is to have an online presence that is cohesive in content, design, and structure to enhance our client experience and driving brand recognition.

But between balancing life and business building, you may find that you don’t often have too much time for creative play.

The good news is that once you’ve saved time customizing your site you can save even more by using Canva. This online software allows you to create professional graphics for your website and social media feeds, all at a minimal cost.

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Here are our 7 c’s to using Canva effectively for your social media!

1. The Canva Colour Picker

It’s important to make sure you know the color “number” code from your style guide. This is called the hexadecimal color value often seen as “color code #”.

Using the Canva color picker you can simply type this number into the box and it will match your brand font or background color, allowing you to design with consistency.

2. Consistency is Key

Yes, we always recommend you design with this in mind. What are the fonts, colors, background images and textures of your brand look and feel?

Deciding on your brand style as early on as possible and sticking to these decisions whenever you’re designing in Canva will ensure you create consistent content no matter which pre-made design you choose to work with.

3. Create for All Platforms

Canva makes it really easy to select which social media platform you’re working on. Once you choose from a variety of pre-made designs for Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, you can constantly view “my designs” and bulk design across all platforms to promote the same update for your viewers.

It’s also a good idea to include your URL address at the bottom of your design, allowing whoever views your content to know where else to find you.

4. Create Interest

Canva allows for several design layers, fonts, and images to be combined into one design. Make use of this feature when tweaking pre-made designs to create interest. We recommend you use up to three different type fonts, alter the layer transparency and carefully select your copy that keeps your ideal clients interested in your products.

5. Curate Your Own Backgrounds

While Canva has many styled stock images you are able to purchase, this can get costly. We recommend making use of your own stock library, or creating custom brand images or basic coloured backgrounds that suit your brand, to then upload as you design.

This helps with your brand consistency but also with keeping your design costs to a minimum.


6. Build Your Community

Canva makes it’s quick and easy to create visually consistent and shareable images for your brand. By following the color and consistency “rules” while designing to create interest, your site visitors and social media followers will begin to know your style.

Seeing one of your designs in their feed will immediately get them thinking of your business and brand, creating the recognition that results in sales.

7. Don’t Play The Comparison Game

With such a wide selection of pre-made designs and ready-to-use stock images, it’s easy to start playing the comparison game when using a program like Canva. Try to get clear on your own style before starting and always stick to your style guide.

It’s useful to sketch out what you need the design for before starting. Planning ahead and design in bulk whenever possible will save you time and effort and free up your creativity to focus on what you love doing for your business.








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