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This Man Walked From Switzerland To India (See How Long It Took)

Ben Baba, a Swiss citizen walked 6500 km all the way from Switzerland to India. It took him 4 years to reach there. He walked barefoot 20-30 km every day.

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Slept where ever he could find a place schools, temples, church, mosques, way side amenities or whoever invited him over.

He walked past Europe, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Kyrgistan, Uzbekistan, Khazakstan, China, Pakistan and India. After reaching every country he planned for the next countries visa. And he did this all without any money. Ben says that he makes a living by asking for alms.

He worked in Switzerland as a web developer and earned a good income. He had a house, a car and all the luxuries. But he was not happy from inside. So he left all of it for his search for true joy. He believes money cannot buy happiness. He finds true happiness in Yoga, meditation and devotion. He has left behind his old life and is fully devoted to Yoga and meditation. And he claims it is the most valuable possession where he finds food for his soul.

I watched his videos. He is radiant, full of purity, sincerity and devotion. He is way more devoted & pure in his approach. His love for Indian mysticism has pulled him all the way from Switzerland to India

He lives in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. And he walked again this year for 28 days to reach the Mahakumbh fair of Haridwar in March 2021.

Ben has become a crowd puller at the Kumbh venue with people wanting to take selfies with him. He says people gather in large crowds to talk to him and also click photographs with him. Although he is friendly to all, but he says he prefers to stay alone.

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