Top 10 Gorgeous Hairstyles Nigerian Men Admire In Women

It is frequently argued that women look more attractive when their hair is made or well arranged. When a hair looks great, it boost the confidence of the carrier and attracts more attention from the male folks.

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While picking out a hairstyle, three questions are of utmost importance: will this hairstyle suit my face? Can I afford it? Will my man love it on me?

For every woman in a relationship, the last thing any woman would want is for her man not to like or even notice the hair after making it. Men generally love decent hairstyles, simple, classy, and not too far from been natural.

CORNROWS: This is the closest to a natural hairdo any woman can carry. Cornrow makes one look younger, allows air in, and gives the hair ample time to grow. It is cost and time effective (both in making and in loosening). No Hausa or Fulani man would love to see his wife in a more sophistical hair than cornrows-he sees you just the way you are.

LOW CUT: Making your hair constantly can have negative effects such as hair-breakage, and undergrowth. In this regard, some women sometimes experience headaches due to constant hair making. Because of this, hair enthusiasts advise that we take a break and just let our hair breathe and this is where low-cut comes in. Most models love to rock this hairstyle as it showcases all their unique facial features. Celebrities such as Onyeka Onwenu, Chidinma Ekile and Shan George have been on this hairstyle for a while now and it is amazing how well they carry it

BRAIDS: You can never go wrong with braids. Most Nigerian man love to see braids on their women because it always looks nice, especially when newly made. Braids are a combination of the ancient and modern way of the African woman. The most attractive thing about braids is the colour and how it is being made.

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DREADLOCKS: popularly known as the Rastafarian signature hair, dreadlocks are loved by men too. It gives the carrier a bold look. Plus, it saves cost because the carrier doesn’t have to visit the salon every weekend. A man like Charlie Boy would most definitely prefer his partner to wear no other hairstyle but dreadlocks.

THE BUN: This is the conventional wedding look. Bun, whether with natural or artificial makes a woman look innocent and give her eyes a fish look, which most men find attractive. It is most times done by brides and there are different ways to make it look more attractive. Wearing this hairstyle gives you freedom from hair strands touching your back and neck. Also, if you have a pretty neck why not let your spouse see it

BRAZILIAN HAIR: You might wonder why Brazilian hair is not number one on the list, as popular as it is. Well, that is the issue: due to its popularity, Brazilian hair has become rampant to the point where almost every girl carrying it has the same look. You wouldn’t want to wear one so often and confuse your man about your identity because you will look like every other girl in the street. If he is the one buying it for you, then he will hate it not because is gorgeous on you, but because it drains his pocket.

GHANA WEAVE: Seven out of ten girls on the street have Ghana weaves on. It is one of the most popular hairstyles in Nigerian and most men love it. Although it is known to break out the front part of the hair, it will be nice to give your man that look once in a while, so he doesn’t get it outside the car window.

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PONYTAIL: Ponytail hair is usually the faster hair to make and the easiest to maintain. It gives an in-between look and if your tiny curly hair at the edges of your head it adds to the beauty.

AFRO TEXTURED HAIR: Admit it man love to see women go natural. This is the one way they can access their possibility of their daughter having good hair too. Aside from that, it is always good to take off your withered hair and grow your Afro-textured hair, this will help it regain its groove before you start applying chemicals again. Afro-textured hair is the latest hair in vogue for most Nigerian women.

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STRAW CURLS: Nigerian women are not naturally blessed with curly hair, but we can always create something out of what we have. Generally, curls look great and it makes one appear young and classic. The most trendy way of giving your hair a naturally curly look is with straw curls. This hairstyle has made a big come back in late 2012 after leaving the hair scene in 1990. It’s a better version of perms and most men just love seeing their women having that modern old school look, once a while.

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