Top 4 Presentation Tools for Teachers


Fed up with the traditional way of presenting through Keynote or Google Slides? The four tools below are definitely great alternatives to use to create engaging presentations to share with students. We particularly divided the tools into two main categories: tools for creating slideshow presentations and tools for creating document/poster based presentations.

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 Tools for creating slideshow-style presentations




Prezi is a powerful web tool that allows you to create visually appealing presentations. You can start with a professionally designed template from Prezi’s library then use images, text, videos and zooming features to enhance your presentation. You can also collaborate with colleagues to build presentations. Prezi is available on iOS and Android so you can create or edit your presentations on the go, then auto-sync across all your devices with ease.

2- Haiku Deck



Haiku Deck is another wonderful presentation tool for teachers. You can use it to visually narrate stories. It provides a variety of pre-made themes and templates to choose from. You can use Haiku’s image library to search for images to include in your slides or upload your own. One powerful feature of Haiku Deck is that it automatically resizes images and shrinks text to fit in the slides so you will not have to bother with editing and resizing images. Stories created on Haiku Deck can be shared on popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, or be exported as PPT files or embedded in blog posts.

 Tools for creating poster based presentations

1- ThingLink



ThingLink is an excellent web tool that allows you to create interactive images online. The images you create come alive by adding to them text, videos, music, and links. ThingLink has also recently rolled out a new feature, which is still in beta, that allows you to add interactive pinmarks to YouTube videos. These pin marks can be links to other videos or websites. The ability to enrich images with different media content makes ThingLink an ideal tool to incorporate in your instruction.

2- Glogster

Glogster is a web tool and mobile app that allows users to create free interactive posters, or Glogs. A “Glog”, short for “graphics blog”, is an interactive multimedia image. Glogster empowers educators and students with the technology to create online multimedia posters – with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more. Some of the features Glogster app offers to its users include:


  • Start with some predesigned templates, allowing you to quickly create impressive glogs
  • Add flair to your glog with 10,000 unique educational graphics, categorized by subject
  • Delete elements, close and preview glogs with simple gestures
  • Edit photos and graphics with Aviary effects




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