Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most expeditiously emerging technological advancements. It has quickly grabbed public attention by offering various impressive applications. There are many artificial intelligence applications available in the technology market. However, Artificial Intelligence is still growing and at the moment the top 5 AI applications are:

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1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence (Focuses on a Single Subset of Cognitive Abilities):

This kind of artificial intelligence beats human intelligence in many closely defined tasks. Narrow artificial intelligence is different from the general artificial intelligence as it focuses on a single subset of cognitive abilities.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence’s focal point is to solve one particular predefined task whether it is a weather update or beating opponents at chess. It is best at dealing with one specific problem as it is trained with specific data. After well training the procedure is suitable to handle one specific problem.
Narrow Artificial Intelligence is present in the applications we use frequently in our routine such as in Netflix, the suggestions “what to watch next?” is drive through narrow artificial intelligence. Besides Netflix, Amazon shopping suggestions and Tesla also utilizes narrow artificial intelligence.


2. General Artificial Intelligence (Ability to Handle A Variety of tasks):

This type of artificial intelligence is intended to deal with a variety of tasks. General Artificial Intelligence is also known as Adaptable AI or strong AI. The significant difference between the Narrow AI and General AI is that General AI has the potential to successfully handle unfamiliar situations; the scenarios which it hasn’t encountered before. General Artificial Intelligence can reason, learn, strategize and communicate just like a human being.

3. Transformation of Big Data to Smart Data

Big Data technology deals with the extraction and analysis of massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. Data Sets are analyzed with the help of high-performance computer processes to reveal trends, and associations especially related to human behavior and interactions.

The tech industry giants realize the significance of AI and therefore integrate Artificial Intelligence Solutions in their business. The most ideal example of Big Data and its transformation into Smart Data is Netflix’s product development. Netflix utilizes Big Data and AI to provide a smooth user experience. In Netflix, after the number of subscribers exceeds a certain range, the company utilized the Big Data technology and build predictive recommendation model. This model analyzed factors such as users’ search queries, ratings, or if the user leaves the program while watching. Based on observed trends, Netflix recommends programs or movies which may interest their viewers.


4. Data Mining

Data mining is a blend of statistics and computer science. With the help of AI, data mining is used to extract useful information. The data miners identify recurring patterns while shifting through a vast set of data. These patterns have the potential to solve long outstanding problems.
The most outstanding example of data mining is Amazon. They identify the buying pattern in their customer data and then derive the other potential purchases. Such as for a cellphone buyer, the system recommends phone cases, protective screens and more.


5. Computer Vision

It deals with how computers gain a high-level understanding of their environments through digital media such as from images or videos. AI system sees and understands the visual inputs. When a user inputs an image into a computer vision system, it produces qualitative and quantitative features such as the image’s color, shape, or size.
The real-life most appropriate example is Tesla, an autonomous vehicle which has the potential to recognize and process variables such as shapes, types of object and color. So, that vehicle can act accordingly in real-time.




Artificial intelligence along with other technologies assists in technological advancement. AI-based mobile applications are quite popular in the current era. Due to this specific reason, the businesses are now focusing on developing AI-based applications that help them to extract and retain extensive customers. The popularity of AI-based applications ultimately results in an increase in artificial intelligence solution providers.






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