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Understanding Echoboo And Its Advantages


Hi There,

As much as we would like to say echoboo is a web platform that connects artisan with clients in real time ,the narrative goes deeper than that .Echoboo is everything you can think of …A community of Professionals with unlimited tools at their finger tips .Echoboo is Africa’s LinkedIn for Blue collar professionals ,Freelancers and Artisans . Imagine been on one of your social media such as Facebook, twitter where you while away time and can still make side income or Income ,that’s what echoboo is .

At echoboo we have taken time to study the social media space and articulate on yawning from user as to what advantage is staying on social media all day wasting your time going through comments and post without making money .

You can do a lot on echoboo ,from creating a professional page for yourself ,showcase your project ,contribute to the community to establish your authority and as well follow industry trends in your line of work .You can meet other people in your field and collaborate with them on project  etc.

If you are an expert ,echoboo has a feature where you can create course and display it for people willing to learn through this means you can make some money .Also you can be a mentor through our mentorship features ,isn’t this wonderful all in one package as a platform .

We take users privacy and safety very important and we have ensured that all artisans rendering service on echoboo go through our verification process ,we are not hoarding talents as you can also search for artisan through the categories and see anyone with befitting profile to suit your need .


The Echobeam features on Echoboo allows you to see service provider that are close to you and contact them in real time .This is something spectacular about echoboo and you can tell we are not beating our chest yet as we have so much to offer .


Join us today on this journey in changing how the world connects .You will be remembered.

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