What Are The Top 5 Careers With Artificial Intelligence?

It is fascinating to see the technological advancement that is happening today. Now, we can make many things happen just with one tap or voice command. Now the farmers who are not physically able don’t have to go to the fields and manage irrigation since it can be made possible with the help of modern machines, tools, and devices. One such technology gifts to our society, industry, and the whole world is Artificial Intelligence. It has unlocked a bunch of opportunities that have transformed every field.

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Multifunctionality, predictability, automation, robotics – name it and all are possible to accomplish, integrate, and implement with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Now, almost every other company is exploiting AI capabilities into their products, solutions, services, and many more. It has improved the work environment by predicting machine failure, saved lives with digital health tracking devices, increased crop productivity using smart irrigation, and so on.

The impact of AI across every industrial sector is limitless and companies are looking for professionals and freshers who can take up the challenge to work in AI-based work environments and systems. This is only projected to grow over the years with projects like smart cities, roads, vehicles, etc. coming into effect. All this was about how AI changed the face of industry and society, but now let’s see what prospects does AI offer to aspirants in their career.

Before moving ahead to what all career scopes can one get, it is essential to know what educational requirements are needed to get better opportunities. The basic degree that anyone needs to hold is a bachelor’s for any career that you want to make with Artificial Intelligence. Next, some topics are must learn and understand, which include:

  • Computer technology – coding with programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc.
  • Neural networking and AI theories
  • Mathematical theories – probability, calculus, algorithms, matrices, statistics, etc.

Learning basics and advanced level training on Artificial Intelligence can be achieved through specific AI certification programs. Artificial Intelligence has been experimented by many top-notch companies, which means a job in these places with the right skills and experience. To name some of these companies are Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and so on.

Jobs to get into with Artificial Intelligence:

1. Data Scientist – Learning AI helps a lot in a data scientist’s career. Data scientists deal with data processing, data interpreting, etc. for which they require certain tools and methods that are well-versed with data computing in a minimal amount of time. AI and its subset ML solve a lot of data-related problems and give effective solutions in real-time without the involvement of any manual process which helps data scientists to analyze and make reports more easily and precisely. So, learning AI will help a lot if you are to get into this career. Besides, the pay is also high and ranges between $95,000 to $185,000 per year.

2. Robotic Scientist – Robots have seeped into various industries in recent times. As a robotic scientist, you have to program the robots to ensure their automatic functioning. Learning AI is beneficial for robotic processing since it enables the robotic system, device, etc. to function on their own accurately, faster, and without human intervention. As such, robotic scientists can develop advanced robotic equipment and products nowadays, with the implementation of AI knowledge. As a robotic scientist, you can earn $ 69,000 to $ 152,000 annually.

3. Software Engineer – The responsibility of a software engineer is to design, develop, deploy, test, and maintain any software application. AI software engineers are responsible for infrastructure automation, automated testing, version control, and many more. Also, they are required to utilize Machine Learning to carry out various tasks error-free. As AI-based products and solutions are getting evolved continuously, there is a massive demand for software engineers who can maintain the competency by developing something new and updating the already existing products. As such, the annual salary of an AI software engineer is $100,000 to $150,000.

4. Natural Language Processing Expert – With the advent of AI, the interaction between machines and humans is made possible through the help of Natural language processing (NLP). As an NLP expert, one has to deal with virtual assistants, chatbots, etc. that not only enable machines to understand our language but also process it and format a reply through text or speech. This field is continually expanding as smartphones and smart home devices are getting more and more prominent. With AI tools, NLP experts can replicate human speech in various forms. The average salary package of an NLP expert ranges between $80,330 to $138,408 per year.

5. Business Intelligence Developer – A business intelligence developer’s responsibilities include collecting data and analyzing market trends from infinite sources and interpreting them into enterprise-level solutions for understanding and business implementation. With AI and ML algorithms, a business intelligence developer can improve the sales and marketing of any organization, enhance customer experience, etc. As such, by learning AI, a Business intelligence developer can earn up to $100,322 annually.

All those who are aspiring to build a career with Artificial Intelligence, this is the best time to prep up and start ahead on your journey towards endless opportunities.

So, start learning AI and hone the skills to get into one of these jobs because AI is the electricity that is benefiting everyone. Grasp the chance to shape your career with it.

SOURCE: skill monks

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