What Can Small Business Learn From the Rich and Successful?

What Can Small Business Learn From the Rich and Wealthy?

What You Can Learn from the Rich

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1. Don’t Borrow Money

Debt is a set of shackles. You have to work harder to pay money back than you would have to earn it in the first place. The ultra-rich understand that sometimes it’s best to defer a purchase until you can pay for it in cash. You’re far better off learning to accomplish your goals with creativity and determination than you are if you ask others to shoulder your risk for you. Find ways to cut costs, create a new way to make money…do everything you can to be beholden to nobody.

2. Put Others to Work for You

All the money in the world doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have the time to enjoy it. If you insist on doing everything yourself, then your earnings are determined (and limited) by your hourly rate and the finite number of hours in each day. Say you can bill $100/hour for your time. If you work ten hours a day, then your earnings are $1000. But if you need more than that to keep your business and family afloat, then you’re in a pickle! But imagine that you employ ten people who earn you $15/hour. You’re instantly pulling in $1500 for a ten-hour day, and if you add more employees, you can continue to grow your company. Think big!

3. Memories > Stuff

One thing you’ll discover if you observe rich folks is that while they may have expensive things, oftentimes, their focus is on experiences rather than stuff. If you’re contemplating purchasing a frivolous item — like a sportscar or a Rolex — consider instead what it could mean to your family to take a trip of a lifetime. When we’re old, we’re unlikely to wish we’d had more stuff. Instead, we’re likely to wish we’d spent more time living it up with the people who matter to us.

4. Love What You Do

When I’m giving advice to entrepreneurs who are looking to refine their niche, one question I like to ask is “What would you be doing if it weren’t about the money?” Now the answer can’t simply be “Drinking margaritas in Mexico.” The point is that if you can find a way to incorporate your passion into your work, then you’re learning one of the rich folks’ secrets. They don’t derive pleasure simply from amassing wealth. They feel motivated because they love what they do. You can do that too! Ask yourself what matters to you apart from money … and then find a way to make money from it!

It pays to learn from the experts. And if you’re looking for ways to improve your financial standing, it only makes sense to look at the folks who’ve already done it.






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