Your Best Hair Ever: The 8 Ingredients That Are Included In The Natural Hair Rejuvenating Formula


Healthy hair belongs to a healthy body. These ingredients are crucial to keeping our bodies in excellence condition. These ingredients, which belong to our formula contain many vital vitamins that you get from these food items. These ingredients help nourish a healthy scalp environment and support hair growth.

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Below is the full list and breakdown of the ingredients found in the natural hair rejuvenating formula


Powdered Milk or Yogurt: Yogurt is the more preferable of these two ingredients, but either will work. They contain proteins and minerals that are good for your hair and scalp. They also give a little bit of body to the conditioner. Unless you are allergic to these ingredients, you should have absolutely no problems with them whether you color treat your hair or not.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper helps to clean debris from your pores. It also will increase the blood flow to the scalp, which in turn, provides extra nutrients and enhances waste removal. So using cayenne topically actually increases your body’s internal hair care. This product may tamper with artificial hair coloring, but it is not the first ingredient to remove if your hair changes color in a patch test. You will want to remove the hydrogen peroxide and/or aspirin first as they are more likely to be culprits of changing the color of hair dyes. You may replace cayenne with a dissolved niacin tablet if you have problems with cayenne.

Aspirin: Use real aspirin only. Aspirin is acidic and will dissolve any crusted debris from you pores. Aspirin substitutes such as Tylenol or Advil are non-acidic. They are also quite poisonous. I don’t recommend swallowing them, either. Aspirin is an important ingredient in the formula. It may tamper with hair dyes. If your patch test changes your hair color, you may want to leave this out and try the formula without it. This is a strong ingredient, though, and should be left in if at all possible as nothing else will do the trick as well as aspirin in dissolving hardened debris. There is no real substitute for aspirin. Ground clove is as close as I’ve found, and it just doesn’t have the strength that aspirin has to clean out your pores.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice may also tamper with hair dyes, but is not as likely to as aspirin or hydrogen peroxide, especially in the small quantity the formula calls for. Lemon juice is not only acidic, which helps to dissolve debris. It contains phyto-nutrients and vitamins which are great for your hair follicles and scalp. While lemon juice may change hair dye color a bit, it is not likely it will do so, and should be a last resort item to try leaving out if the formula changes hair color. Vinegar is somewhat of a substitute for the formula’s ability to clean your hair, but there are no real substitutes for the nutrients lemon juice contains. Organic Shampoo: The shampoo helps to clean the scalp and hair. It gives the formula more body so it isn’t as runny. It also helps wash the formula out when you are finished.

Flax Oil: Flax provides your hair and scalp healthy omega 3 oil, which is a vital oil that many people lack in their diets. This ingredient is unlikely to cause any harm whatsoever to artificial hair colors. It reduces the harshness of the cleaning elements and provides good nutrients. You can replace flax oil with cod liver or krill oil with no noticeable difference. The formula calls for flax because people rarely have allergies to flax, but allergies to fish are quite common.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is actually water with an extra atom of oxygen. Water is H2O, while peroxide is H2O2. Peroxide cleans, kills bad bacteria, fungi, and other germs that can interfere with skin and hair health. It also gives cells an oxygen boost and invigorates them. If the formula changes your hair color in a patch test, this is the most likely culprit to be left out. It is a shame to sacrifice this kind of oxygen boost for a bottle of toxic dye, but some people are willing to do so. It would be preferable to cut down the amount in the formula before ditching it altogether. If you do decide you need to just leave this out, you may want to wash and rinse your hair with ozonated water instead. You can buy appliances to ozonate your water or you can buy ozone water.

Glycerin: Glycerin provides moisture for your hair. It draws moisture so once absorbed it continues to draw moisture, which your hair needs. Some people don’t want to use glycerin because it is a petroleum product. It is water soluble, though, so will not coat your skin and hair the way that other petroleum products (such as Vaseline). It is also purified so there are none of the petroleum toxins in the glycerin you buy at the pharmacy. Glycerin is extremely unlikely to tamper with hair dye color. It would be extremely rare and surprising for it to do so.

Turmeric: Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin that is extremely healing. It is powerful medicine for any abnormality in cells. It is also very unlikely to tamper with hair coloring. It will give hair a yellow appearance, but it washes out with no problems.

Concluding Remarks

Well, there you have it. Getting and keeping a lustrous head of hair is really all this simple. All it takes is a little attention to your general physical health and a little knowledge of good care techniques. After all, you have to wash your hair anyway. It doesn’t take any extra work or money to do it the right way.

Of course, if you have a lot of damage to fix already, it will take you a little more time and effort to get your hair into good shape again than it is to maintain hair that is in good shape. If you consider how long it took for it to accumulate damage, though, fixing it really isn’t that difficult.

Always remember, too, that the health of your hair and scalp are a reflection of your overall state of health. When your hair isn’t doing well, your whole body is probably in need of a little help. You will find putting your hair in condition may just make a difference in your overall appearance, as well as the way you feel.








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